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Buy directly from the source, save both money and time!
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We are also a wholesale distributor
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We find, purchase, gather, and ship goods for you!
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We help you get your own products for your brand!
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Supplier Identification & Verification

Make sure you work with a reputable supplier

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Sample Procurement and Evaluation

Simplify the process from design to product

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Quality Control & Inspection

Solve problems before shipping

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Sourcing services & Online wholesale

Flexible Corporation

We can help you find suppliers or we can be the supplier to meet your needs.

Local Expertise

Our expertise and knowledge of market can help you navigate potential challenges.

Cost Efficiency

We help you get cost savings through better negotiation, reduced shipping expenses.

Our services

A full range of sourcing services from Yiwu, China

Online wholesale

We buy products from selected manufacturers in large quantities and distribute them with small MOQs

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