Fujian’s first national-level market procurement and trade pilot, with an export volume of 17.7 billion yuan in 2019


As the first national-level market procurement trade pilot in Fujian Province, Shishi Garment City market procurement trade pilot has handed over a beautiful report card since its launch on November 15, 2018: the first month of operation, the export value exceeded 100 million RMB 5 billion in half a year of operation; RMB 10 billion in 10 months of operation, and its export performance ranks at the forefront of the same batch of pilot units in the country.

Quanzhou Customs officials analyzed that the Shishi Garment City market procurement trade pilot has been in operation for more than a year, showing obvious foreign trade agglomeration effects, multi-modal customs clearance system, and the first breakthrough in the pilot pre-packaged food export.

Statistics show that as of now, 10,159 market entities of various types have participated in the filing of procurement and trade methods in the Shishi Garment City Market, with a total of 149 exporting countries and regions. The main export commodities include home textiles, clothing fabrics, mineral products, and mechanical products. , daily necessities, precision instruments and equipment, and leather products.

In 2019, Quanzhou Shishi Shihu Port newly opened 6 routes along the “Maritime Silk Road” including the Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam. Air, rail + express” multimodal customs clearance system.

In addition, Shishi Garment City was approved in September 2019 to carry out the pilot project of exporting prepackaged food through market procurement trade, becoming the first pilot project of exporting prepackaged food in the country. As of the end of 2019, Quanzhou Customs has supervised a total of 85 batches of exported food, with a value of 14.7798 million yuan. The main export commodities are confectionery, sweet biscuits, baked pastries, beer, etc.