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We provide sourcing services and online wholesale.

You may need only ONE supply chain partner in China!

Yiwuproducts began as an online wholesale distributor in early 2012 and has since expanded into a comprehensive sourcing service provider. Over the years, we have assisted small to mid-sized business owners and shopkeepers worldwide in accessing various high cost-effective products manufactured in China.

Every business is unique, and we understand the importance of being adaptable when working together. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Simply let us know what you require, and we will explore ways to assist you with your supply chain needs. Whether you need help finding suppliers or products, gathering goods, shipping items, or arranging customizations, we’re here for you. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, which is why we value every order and opportunity, regardless of its size. Our success is intertwined with yours, and we are committed to helping you grow your business.

Yiwuproducts is operated by Lairuo e-Commerce company in Yiwu city, which has over 10 years of experience in international trade. With our extensive knowledge of local markets and industries, our services can help you on building a stable supply chain and benefit your business in numerous ways.


Why choose us

Over 10 years of experience in sourcing, expertise in over 22 major categories of products. Strive to maintain high-quality standards and provide quick and responsive services.

Small to mid-sized friendly

We operate with flexibility and offer low MOQs. Your needs and concerns will be prioritized, allowing your business to adapt to trends in a timely manner.

Cost and Fees

The service fees may vary, either being commission-based or a flat rate fee. If you're interested in purchasing many products in small quantities, we can function as a wholesale distributor with a MOQ as low as less than 5 pieces.

Full range services

General services include supplier identification, negotiation, quality control, logistics, and more. Discuss the specific services you need with us and we will align with your requirements.

Expertise and Specialization

Years of sourcing experience in multiple industries. Our specialization can lead to better supplier connections and knowledge of industry trends.

Transparency and Communication

English-fluent and effective communication ensure responsive, transparent, and able to bridge any information or cultural gaps.

Location and Accessibility

Our location is based in the biggest and well-know distribution center for small commodity in China. The Proximity can facilitate site visits and more effective communication.

Our partners

Well-known international companies