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Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry

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 Note: MA channel has independent as a new website

The new website  is www.chinawholesalehub.com


The trends in fashion jewelry are changing fast in nowadays, MA's mode can help us to present the new jewelry more quickly.  We value MA business very much and separate it as a new website.



Comprehensive Lists of MA products

New MA products of November, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-november-2017/

New MA products of October, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-october-2017/

New MA products of August, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-august-2017/

New MA products of July, 2017:  https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-july-2017/

New MA products of June, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-june-2017/

New MA products of may, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-may-2017/

New MA products of April, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-april-2017/

New MA products of March, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-march-2017/

New MA products of February, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-february-2017/

New MA products of January, 2017: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-january-2017/

New MA products of December, 2016: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-december-2016/

New MA products of November, 2016: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-november-2016/

New MA products of October, 2016: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/articles/more-available-products-for-october-2016/


What are More Available products?

More Available products(MA products) are the products that recommended to us by our manufacturers, but we haven't purchased them to our warehouse to sell on our website. These products actually are available to our customers.  But they can't be ordered online currently, like our regular products on our main website.

MA products only has a photo on the site to show its design. Click the photo you will see its SKU under it, which start with "M".  If you need its price, size, weight, more photos or more other information, please send an email to service@yiwuproducts.com , we'll answer your email in 24 hours.


How to buy MA products?

1. You need to send their SKU to our email service@yiwuproducts.com first.

2. We will  check with the manufacturers, then reply you with price and MOQ(minimum order quantity) information.

3. You confirm to buy.  We make an invoice for you.

4. You proceed the payment.

5. We ask the manufacturers to send the products to our warehouse. We check and pack, then ship them to you.



1. Why don't you upload all the MA products to your website,  then we can place order online like regular products?

We want, but we can't.  We receive recommendations from dozens of manufacturers everyday, we don't have enough money and man power to buy all the products to our warehouse and upload them as regular products.

2. What's the point of MA products?

We want to show all the actual available products to our customers. To let our customers have as many options as possible.

3. Why the MA products has additional MOQ?

Because we haven't purchased them to our warehouse, the manufacturers always require their own MOQ.

4. Do the MA products have chance to become regular products?

Yes, they do. Our staff select regular products from manufacturers' recommendations everyday.

5. Regular products and MA products, which are newer?

Actually, MA products are.