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Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry

from China, Since 2012

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Help information and guide for placing order

Welcome to Yiwuproducts!  We are a professional fashion jewelry online wholesaler, following information may help you:


1. If you want to contact us, please send an email to service@yiwuproducts.com or leave a message at our contact site.

2. If yo want to know about us, like how we work, or how orders are processed, please visit our brief introduction site.

3. If you don't know how to place an order on our website, following is a guide of how to place an order on Yiwuproducts.com.



How to place an order on Yiwuproducts.com


Step1.  On the website of the product you want, fill the quantity number you want to order.

Step2.  Click "ADD TO CART" button to add this product to your shopping cart on our website.


wholesale fashion jewelry guide 1




Step3. After product is added, you can click "MY CART" button at top right corner to check what products have been added to your cart.


wholesale fashion jewelry guide 2


Step4.  Click "GO TO CART" button, you will be directed to shopping cart page.

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Step5.  On the shoping cart page, increase(or decrease) the quantity of each product. After all these done, click "UPDATE SHOPPING CART" button to save the changes. Our website minimum order requirement is $99, if the total of all products' value in your cart is over $99, you will see there are two buttons at the bottom. Click "PayPal check out" button, you will be redirected to PayPal website to check out. Clik "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button, you will be check out on our website.  Both check out ways are good with us.


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Step6.  If you choose to check out on our website, you will need to fill in your address information.

Step7. Choose a payment method to pay us, click the corresponding button.

Step8. Click the "PLACE ORDER NOW" button to place order.

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Step9. If you choose PayPal to pay, you will be redirectd to PayPal website, in which you can pay us by your PayPal balance or credit cards. If you choose bank transfer or western union to pay, you should go to your local banks or western union agencies(branches) to send money to us. You can check our account information at payment method information page.