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Yiwuproducts customization service


Customization service is for the customers who want to produce their own products exclusively.  As a professional jewelry wholesaler, we have good relationship with many Chinese local jewelry manufacturers.  And we know how to find and select a new proper manufacturer to produce specific products. All these enable us to provide customization service to our customers. If you are interested in our jewelry customization, following information will be useful to you.

You may need customization in these cases:
1. You have a sample(design) in your hand, you want to produce it in mass.
2. The product has been stopped producing, but you still want to sell it.
3. The product is too unique to find sources.
4. OEM mode. You want us to produce products for your or your company's brand.
5. You want to change some parts of our current product, turn it into a new design.

Customization requirements:
1. You must have a sample.
    You must have a real sample, not just photos or drawing.  Producing jewelry involves technology, quality, color, material, sizes, etc. Without a real sample, the manufacturers can hardly produce eligible products.
2. Minimum order quantity(MOQ) is required.
    Manufacturers have to prepare material and workers before starting to produce a product, they always require a MOQ. Usually the MOQ is 30 dozens(360 pcs), some special designs may need more quantity .

Advantages of our customization service compared to you find a manufacturer by your own to produce products:
1. Save time. We have extensive business connections with many Chinese jewelry manufacturers, and know better how to find a qualified manufacturer to produce particular products.
2. Smooth communication. We have cooperated with international customers for years, we care about your detailed needs. Few jewelry manufacturers in China have skilled English communicator.
3. Quality control. As customization service supplier, we are responsible to you. And our interest is consistent with yours. We keep continually communicate with manufacturer on quality issues during the whole production, make the quality under control.
4.Shipping arrangement. Many manufacturers only responsible for production, they don't provide shipping. But we do, what's more, we repack the products well to avoid damage on the way.

To make the customization work well, we have a procedure for it:
1. You send your sample to us.
2. We find a qualified manufacturer, ask them to make a duplicate sample.
3. We send the duplicate sample to you.
4. You decide the duplicate sample is good, or need any improvement.
5. If the duplicate sample meets your requirement, we arrange production.

Following picture will help you understand the procedure.
fashion jewelry customization


Timing and payment

1. Usually the manufacturer needs about 14 days to develop a duplicate sample.

2. Considering the shipping time you ship sample to us, the sample develop time, and the shipping time we ship duplicate sample to you. It may take nearly a month that you receive the duplicate sample.

3. Once you confirm the duplicate sample is qualified, we can arrange production right away.

4. If the duplicate sample doesn't meet your requirements, we can ask manufacturer improve it and make another sample, which will take more time.

5. We require sample develop fee at the beginning, if you place order eventually, we can refund the sample develop fee to you, which means the duplicate sample is free.

6. The shipping cost of you send original sample to us and we send duplicate sample to you are both  on you.

7. You should proceed the whole order payments including shipping cost after confirming the duplicate sample, then we can arrange the manufacturer start to produce.


If you have any question or concern on customization, feel free to contact us via email service@yiwuproducts.com