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Wholesale fashion jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry

from China, Since 2012

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Brief instruction of our business and service




Min order

As an online wholesaler, our business is running on " Small profits and quick turnover" mode. This mode requires certain quantity or amount of an order to cover the cost of processing(picking, checking and packing).  And another fact is, international shipping cost is not cheap, it won't be economic to buy several items but paid high shipping cost.  So, considering all of these facts, we set up a mini amount  of $99 per oder on our website. You won't have any other limits on placing your order, any item, any quanity, all as you like.



We are located in the manufacturing base and distribution center of fashion jewelry and commodities of China, most of our products are directly from our manufacturers.  Primary sources enable us to offer you lower prices without lost in quality. And we pursue high quality at a certain price, rather than so called "lowest price" by ignoring how poor the quality is. This is one of the differences between us and other wholesalers in China. Specifically, if you are looking for discount information, please visit our Discount policy page.



Our vision is establish long term business relationship with our customers and grow together. This vision drives us keep trying to provide higher quality products at fair price to our customers.  We are confident about the quality of our products on our website. In this industry, experienced buyers would know that products of same one model can be from different manufacturers in China,  their quality differences are big. A simple and practical way to figure out if our products meet your needs is, placing a small order as "sample order " before bulk purchase.


Shipping and shipping cost

We always use well-known international expresses to ship our orders, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex, TOLL, they can deliver the products from us to you quickly and safely.  These international expresses enable us to ship worldwide, if they can get to you, then our products can get to you. The shipping cost  is dependend on the weight of the order and shipping destination. You can add the products you want to the shopping cart on website and estimate the shipping cost by yourself, it's pretty simple and quick.  Here we take 2kg to United States for example, the shipping cost is $25.00 by UPS, it's acceptable to most of our customers. More information you can see at shipping information page.


Payment methods

There are several ways you can pay us, which you can see at payment method information page.  PayPal is recommended, as it's a quick and the safest method to buyers. Or if you think other methods is more convenient to you, we are also good to accept that.


Time to receive your order

We'll process your order as soon as possible after we receive your order and your payment. Usually it cost 2-3 business days to process order.  After the products is packed, we'll hand the package over to the shipping company, then it is on its way. Your time to receive your order is processing time plus shipping time. Normally, customers in North America and Europe should receive their order in 8 days since place order. Please understand that we can't process your order on weekend. And bad weather, express over capacity, customs issues may extend the delivery time. More information you can see at processing  information page.

Order processing details

We pick the products in your order one by one. After all the products are picked, we'll check the products twice, first is to check if all the products are in good condition, second is to check if all the quantities are correct. After checking, all the products will be packed in bubble bags separately. Including the packing bag of each product owns, there are 3 layers bubble wrap to protect the products. Then the packed  products are put into courier bag or cartoon. And then the packages will be hand over to shipping company.


What about customs duty and taxes?

Well, customs duty and taxes are on buyers, you can inform us the declare value before shipping. More information please visit our processing  information page.


OK, good to get start wholesale NOW!  Any question feel free to contact us via email service@yiwuproducts.com