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Wholesale Sterling Silver Necklaces Online-Top 5 Hottest Designs You Can't Miss

If you are the owner of a jewellery boutique and looking for cute wholesale silver necklaces designs to refresh your shop look. The following hottest five silver necklace designs are the ones you can't miss. They are the best sellers of our sterling silver jewellery collection from 2017 Janury to July, proved by lots of jewellery/fashion boutiques just like yours. Althrough our customers are around the world (mainly in European and American countries), and your target customers may different from others, this list is still inspirational to you. Let's satisfy your curiosity about the best sellers in others' boutiques.

Top 1 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklaces-The Antler Necklace SKU N11863

(click photo to check it out)

This antler necklace features a cute antler(er....). Actually, I really don't know why this necklace is so popular. Personally not a fan but a lot of our customers(other boutique owners like you) purchased it in bulk(over 100pcs) and came back to restock grequently.

Top 2 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Long Bar Pendant Necklace SKU S10701

(click photo to check it out)

Long bar pendant necklace can easily elongate a girls's face to make it more beautiful and easily to look thinner, hmm, I think that's the main reason women love it. So does our shop owners. Restock crazily.

Top 3 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Long tube necklace SKU S10752

(click photo to check it out)

Honestly, this one is my favorite one.Looks so sexy on the neck. A lot of our customers first start selling this silver necklace because themselves love it and then proved that a lot of their retail customers love it too. So they come back to restock again and again. If you love it, be sure to get some today, it's sold out quickly.

Top 4 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Pearl Bar Pendant Necklace SKU S10693

(click photo to check it out)

It's pearls! Pearls and sterling silver, that's enough for it to be in the top five hottest designs.

Top 5 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Double circle pendant necklace SKU S10745

(click photo to check it out)

Another classic piece. Three colors available. Silver, Rose Gold,14K Yellow gold. Minimalist style is IN.

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