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Wholesale Leather Braided Bracelets

Leather braided bracelet is another hot bracelet trend in this season. Leather has always been trendy due to its stunning good look, dependable durability and wide range of uses. If you are looking for another new jewelry trend that will catch your customer’s attention immediately, consider those different style braided leather bracelet.

Hot Braided Leather Bracelet Styles:

Color Blocking Braided Leather Bracelets

Brown and black are the classic and most popular color leather bracelet that for a casual look. It can easily go with black leather boots or bag to compete a whole winter and fall casual look, so they will be widely welcomed by your customers and will definitely be a staple hot selling bracelet in fall and winter. Unlike black and brown, colored leather braided bracelets are more vibrant. If you have a lot of customers who are always looking for bracelets that will branch them out, provide them with colored leather bracelet. Bracelets that braided with different colors are right the one they are looking for. Those colored braided bracelet are bold and mod themselves or easy to be layered with funky metal bangles and colorful jelly bracelets.

Leather Braided Bracelets with Charms

If the charm bracelets in your littler store are selling pretty well, then you will earn big on braided leather charm bracelets. Loosely braided leather bracelet gives plenty room for cute charms to be clipped on randomly. Those cute charms giving the braided leather bracelet a controlled chaos look. Look casual and chic at the same time. Don’t forget to introduce some charm braid leather bracelet to these customers who are busy choosing charm bracelets. They will thank you for the lovely recommendation.

Beaded Leather Braided Bracelets:

If you adore beaded bracelet you will definitely like beaded leather bracelet. With the perfect combination of bead and leather, the result will be unique. Unlike charms which are hanging on the bracelet, bead can be braided into the leather bracelet on put through into the bracelet. This kind of combination is a totally different look. With some Tibetan silver bead, casual leather braid bracelet can even have an ethic feel.

Long Wrap Braided Leather Bracelets:

                                                                                                          Unlike colored leather braided bracelet which is wide and bold, solid color bracelet is simple and thin. Too make it more attractive just try long wrap bracelet. A braided bracelet that is long enough to wrap for several circles. This style of braided bracelet will have more volume on arm and more bold for a statement look. It’s also a good bracelet for stack.

With a little change and design, a simple bracelet could have more looks. Just try as many as different style fashion bracelets for your customers.

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