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Wholesale Cocktail Rings for Women

Cocktail rings are those oversized lady’s ring with a large center stone surrounded by tiny stones around, used to be wore on cocktail party. But now days, those oversized ring with statement flower, animal shapes, stones in the center are all called cocktail rings. It is a particular ring type in costume jewelry. Popular among girls and women

If you are in the fashion products retailer industry, cocktail rings are those you must wholesale products. In general, those oversized ring with big statement cover could all be named cocktail rings, however as a retailer you should be capable to distinguish one style from another.

  1. 1.       The quality of cocktail ring.

Quality of costume jewelry can range a lot. You should be able to tell those gold plated rings from those just in gold tone. Gold plated jewelry wholesale price can range from four to ten dollars but those just in gold tone may cost less than three bulks. That will be easier for you if you are willing to wholesale offline, you can touch and feel the quality. But if you prefer to wholesale online, you’d better pay attention the description box, especially the material part. Product pics may lie to you.

  1. The style. Check out what is right in trend before you wholesale any cocktail rings. Trends change from time to time. You should avoid overstock.
  2. 3.       Cocktail rings size.

If you are selling offline, like in your own small jewelry shop, it will be ok for you no matter the cocktail ring is free size or not. But if you are wholesaling for your ebay shop or amozon shop, you’d better care about the ring size. Because, if it is settled you need to wholesale at least one dozen for each size, that means more size more stock. If you are not capable of that, you’d better choose those adjustable cocktail rings. It will fit most people. People can adjust the ring size themselves. All you need to do is to clarify on your product page.

  1. 4.       Fashion or antique.

Those cocktail rings are trend in both styles. But in costume jewelry industry those antique cocktail rings are only vintage inspired not really antique. The difference is fashion cocktail rings are normally in more bright colors.

There are a lot of fashion jewelry suppliers online, just do your homework before any things done. Compare the price and style, until you find the best suppliers. Do not take this as a unnecessary process, a successful business rely on a great supplier, try to find your cheap but quality wholesale jewelry supplier.

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