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Wholesale Chunky Necklaces Sets-Best 5 to Boost Sales

Chunky necklaces set are normally refers to these big statement necklaces that have matching earrings and necklaces. Sold as a jewelry set so that you don't need to take a lot of troubles to find a right earrings with the similar color or design to match your necklace. Or a necklace to match your earrings. With a ready made jewelry set, women can shorten their dressing up time and leave home for work earlier and easier. A great way to save time. I suppose that's why a lot of women love to have some cute jewelry sets in their jewelry box for some time-strapped mornings while still want to look chic. Thus, it's our sellers' duty to provide them with multiple choices of cute chunky necklaces sets. We've picked out top 5 best sellers of chunky necklaces sets so you, our deal boutique/shop boss owners, may want to present to your customers.

  1. C11716 statement tassel metal necklace set braided multilayer rhinestone choker                                                                      This large chunky necklaces set features a statement red tassel earrings and bib necklace set. Red color is so vivid and goes perfect with blue and turquoise blue rhinestones and ropes. Bold but not boring with all of these details.
  2. C11684 statement hot colorful tassel ball braided necklace BOHO                                                                           Tassel fringe is absolutely the hottes fashion element in fashion jewelry this year. Now the fashion world is paying more and more attention to comfort of the wearer. Cotton tassel jewelry seriers are this kind of jewelry can make us chic and cozy compared to metal pieces.
  3. N12235 Yellow Beaded Necklace Earrings Set                                                             This yellow beaded multi layer strand jewelry set is absolutely a outfit brighter. One will feel great wearing this necklace. Also available in Red color.
  4. N10889 Gold Sequin Earrings Bib Necklace Set                                                                    This stunning sequin chunky necklace and earrings set is a great piece to go with plain white t-shirt or a white blouse. Also available in Black and Silver color.                                                                        
  5. N12236 Multi Strand Pearl Necklace Set                                                  The last but not least is a statement pearl jewelry set. Yes, pearls! Pearls are always in the center of fashion jewelry trends. This pearl set is a great chunky statement set to go in a Winter morning. Perfect to layer under a warm sweater.

If you don't like any of the above 5 big chunky necklaces and looking to wholesale some unique big statemetn necklaces, don't worry, we got you covered. Check the link below for the right designs you need.

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