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Best Way to Store Jewelry For Free

Jewelry has always been a good and important accessory to complete a look in women's daily life. No matter fashion jewelry or fine jewelry like sterling silver jewelry, while getting more and more of them, the jewelry storage problem pops out. In this article we are gonna to share with you 5 best ways of organize jewelry cost free. Seriously, we need to save our money for more jewelry (smiling face). There are different ways and tools to store different jewelry.

*Hangling on wall

This is the best way to store necklaces, expecially big or long statement necklaces as they are easy to get twined with each other if put in a drawer.

Find a photo frame, put some small nails on it, you have a diy necklaces hanger now. Also nice to hang big earrings on it. In this way, you can easily decide what necklaces/earrings to wear every morning before heading to school or work.

Find some used or new poker cards, cute two gap in the upper side like the photo. A perfect and cost-free way to organize dainy necklaces like sterling silver necklaces . Put these cards in a wood box or other empty boxes

*Glass bottles or other cute bottles are the best ways to store your bracelets

Next time, don't throw out the cute bottles of your yummy drink, keep it for your bracelets and watches. Don't you think it's a lovely decoration when putting them in your bedroom? You'll be clear what bracelet to wear just at a glance.

*Use a cute plate to store small jewelry like earrings and rings

A cute plate or bowl is a good way to store small jewelry that are easily lost like earrings and rings. Hang the earrings hook on the bow edge, so nature that you don't need to do anything. It's just a borned earrings organizer.


There are so many cost free ways to store your jewelry, just give you another reason to buy more jewelry. Buy jewelry from a wholesale jewelry store to save more money.