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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Costume jewelry bracelets wholesale

    costume jewelry bracelets wholesale

    Costume jewelry is one of the most important parts in costume jewelry, find several suppliers of costume jewelry bracelets wholesale is quiet important to Middle-small costume jewelry business. The key of searching reliable suppliers to wholesale fashion jewelry bracelets is simple. There are three measurements here. Does they have the jewelry products you want? Are the prices good for you? and do the quality meet your customers' expectation? I don't suggest you change the wholesale trendy costume jewelry supplier frequently, it makes the jewelry products in your stores change along. Of course change the products can bring fresh sense to your customers. But if you change them too often, it's hard for your customers to keep a clear impression of your costume jewelry store.

    What kind of fashion bracelets are popular nowadays? I must to say that my customers are always like bangle bracelet. I have to restock bangle bracelet time to time. There are several placed you can wholesale fashion bangle bracelets. Local fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers is a convenient way for most shop owners. Because you can know the price and quality well when you purchase them. From your experience you'll know that if they can makeprofits for you. But more and more shop owners prefer online jewelry wholesale sources. Because the online fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers every likely offer much better price. It's true that price is key factor when we choosing jewelry products for our store, but I think the quality also count. So I suggest you don't wholesale too many fashion jewelry products from a new supplier at the first time. Try several small orders before buy bulky is a wiser choice. I call those small orders "sample orders ".

    Make be you are considering wholesome designer costume jewelry. As I did. But I don't it will do much good to me now. We choose designer costume jewelry mostly because we want unique designs. But the cost of designer costume jewelry is relative high. Which means it doesn't leave much profit room to you. Wholesale rhinestone costume jewelry like vintage costume jewelry bracelets from manufacturing base is more cost effective. Then after you finger out these problems, wholesale boutique jewelry costume and wholesale costume jewelry rings for your fashion jewelry business won't be that hard as you thought.

  • Wholesale Trendy Jewelry for Boutique

    jewelryIf you are running a fashion boutique, wholesale trendy jewelry to broaden your product line is definitely a good choice. Trendy jewelry are these hot trending jewelry women love to buy, like all the other fashion products, fashion jewelry are well loved by women and girls. So don't waste the room in your boutique, fill it with some trendy fashion jewelry to boost your sells.

    What kind of trendy jewelry to sell

    Once you've decided to sell trendy jewelry in your boutique, it's time to narrow down the types of trendy jewelry to start with. There are three points to begin from. First, figure out what the hottest trends now. For example, chokers is absolutely the hottest jewelry trends in 2016. You can start from wholesale choker necklaces. Hot trends means fast sells. Second, wholesale something you love. Trust your own fashion taste, start with something you like and gain your selling experience, During the selling process, you'll know better and better what is the best designs your customers love to buy. Third, talk to your loyal customers, ask them what they want of fashion jewelry. You must have some loyal customers that buy from you a lot of times, maybe they've become your friends. It's time to ask for their opinion for new products.

    Once you've done all the three steps above, you'll know better now what to begin from. Now is the time for doing something.

    Where to wholesale jewelry

    If you have to watching your boutique and have no time to look for your local jewelry market, then Wholesale jewelry from online jewelry wholesale suppliers is a good choice for you. There are a lot of fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers distributors online from China, USA,UK,India. Do your search before buying bulk orders as there are a lot of fraud websites as well. Start with small quantity since you are new to the industry. Find a supplier that allow you to buy small quantity each design.Use well known carrier company to take care of your goods.

    One of the key points to a successful boutique store is the abundant of goods. People love new stuff and variety of goods. If they can constantly find new things in your shop, they are more likely to come back. So be sure to keep a regular update of your goods. Sometimes your styles may not update so fast, however you still need to do some change to your shop to keep it fresh and new to your customers. For example, you can change the look of your boutique window frequently. You can rearrange the position of each kind of goods in your shop to make your boutique looks in a new way. What's more, you can just do more clean to keep your shop "fresh" as new,

    Check our Latest New Arrival for some inspiration of trendy jewelry to wholesale for your boutique.


  • Wholesale high end costume jewelry

    wholesale high end costume jewelry

    Where to buy wholesale jewelry? Especially what are the good places to wholesale high end costume jewelry?  If you are  running a business of fashion jewelry store or boutique, you must have met these problems. The key is, you are looking for good fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers, and where they are?  To me , those who supply good quality costume jewelry with good prices are the good fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers. I think the Internet is the place you are most probably find them. As fashion jewelry is a fast changing industry, there isn't any fixed high end costume jewelry brands list for you. You have to look for fine costume jewelry by your self. In the same time, it's a good chance to learn things in fashion jewelry industry.

    The answer to "where can I buy wholesale jewelry?" is, it depends.  The most safe way is visit your local jewelry wholesale stores, check what they have and the prices. It would be very lucky that you can find the fashion jewelry products you want in local wholesale stores. But as you may already know, you can hardly find those jewelry from local wholesalers. Go online to find suppliers is a better way for people who are looking for high end fashion jewelry wholesale.

    You can search related key words about the products on Google or B2B platforms. I think you with find some corresponding costume jewelry wholesale suppliers soon. Then several problems with risk up. Do the products is as good as the descriptions? The prices are still a little high,  How can I get  better prices? I think the best way to get to know the quality is buying from them and check it in your hands. You may think this is not worthy, as many fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers have their own minimum order. It's true, but as "sample order ", you can just talk to them. Tell them you need small quality for checking quality. Most wise suppliers will agree to meet your request.  With this method, you can wholesale quality costume jewelry from high end costume jewelry designers.

  • Wholesale Pearl Choker Necklaces

    pearl chokerPearl choker necklaces are different from other wholesale choker necklaces, they are normally more elegant and formal look. Due to the elegance of pearl, pearl chokers are good for wedding wear or party wear when you need something to fresh up your look with elegance. Like wholesale fashion jewelry, when wholesale pearl choker necklaces, there are also a few points you need to keep in mind in order to wholesale the right jewelry at best wholesale price.

    First, don't be fooled with fake pearls to real ones.

    If you are looking for real pearl choker necklace, then you need to be more careful. Real pearl jewelry are normally much expensive than fake ones. If something is real cheap and claimed to be real pearls, you'd better don't believe it. Or you probably will end up with fake pearls. In fashion jewelry industry, when people talking about pearl jewelry, they normally refer to fake pearls made from glass or other artificial materials. Different materials "pearls" cost different. Normally, glass pearls price are higher.

    Second, check the size of pearl chokers.

    Some Chinese sellers are not very good in English, they may not understand well what exactly a choker is. If you are looking for pearl chokers, be sure to check the size of the pearl choker necklace chains before place your order. Normally a choker necklace perimeter is about 40-42 cm. Or be clear of the size you want and go ahead to that.

    Last but not least, don't buy too many stock before you know the market.

    This rule applies to all kind of wholesale business, don't buy too many stock per design before you know the market. If you just want to wholesale pearl chokers to meet the choker necklaces trends, you'd better buy small stock but large variety of designs to test your customers' preference. After a while when you know better about the trend, you can put more money into the stock.

    As a wholesale jewelry distributor for more than 6 years, we can tell you that pearl jewelry are classic and hot all the time. They are not something hot one time and fade out fast. Don't miss out the trend. Wholesale some cute pearl chokers to refresh your customer's jewelry box.



  • Costume jewelry at wholesale prices

    costume jewelry at wholesale prices

    Buy costume jewelry at wholesale prices will definitely save a lot money. When you are running a fashion jewelry store or boutique, one of the most important thing is finding a reliable costume jewelry wholesale resources for your store. So what is the effective ways to lower the cost? From my experience, one is bulk costume jewelry wholesale, the other is wholesale fashion jewelry from online fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers.

    Bulk costume jewelry wholesale is the most in common way to get discounts on negotiating with the jewelry suppliers. Cheap costume jewelry wholesale price don't come from nowhere. If you just buy a few quantity of costume jewelry products, you hardly can get discounts. Most costume jewelry wholesale suppliers are running on the "small profits but quick turnover " mode. Which means when you wholesale costume jewelry bulky, they can earn more profits, but they are willing to surrender part of profits to you to maintenance the business relationship with you.  Wholesale boutique jewelry costume is the same. No matter what kind of store you are running. Once you find that some costume jewelry is popular, I suggest you wholesale them more in a one time to get considerable discounts from costume jewelry wholesale suppliers.

    You can also get cheap costume jewelry wholesale price from online fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers. Different from your local jewelry wholesalers, online costume jewelry wholesalers don't need to pay the expensive rent.  Their low cost enable them to offer you lower prices for costume jewelry products. Many people may already know that Internet has became the biggest costume jewelry wholesale supply center. And more and more origin suppliers are going online. They bring new designs jewelry to their customer. If you want trendy costume jewelry wholesale, don't miss those online suppliers. Many customers prefer silver jewelry, you can also find the suppliers on the Internet to get  good silver jewelry wholesale prices. Designer costume jewelry wholesale, in the other hand, don't fit for small boutiques and jewelry stores.

  • Wholesale Gold and Silver Choker Necklaces

    Gold and silver choker necklaces have been hot since choker necklace is back into trends. They are hot for their simplicity but chic edgy look. As one of the best china costume jewelry wholesale distributors,Yiwuproducts.com have been searching for chic choker designs to meet the trends and help our customers grow their sell. Following are the top 5 gold and silver chokers necklaces that have been proved by the market. If you are looking for wholesale choker necklaces, why not try these hot designs?

    #1, Gold Tone White Stone Metal Tassel Choker Necklace 

    choker 2

    A simple gold metal can look boring but with nice fringe tassels and a cute stone in the end, the choker looks completely different. The finish of a gold metal choker is the key to its quality. This choker is highly made quality, high gold finish polish, long lasting. Wholesale price is only for $2.37 plus 10% dozen discount if you are buying dozen.

    #2, Statement Pearl Flower End Unique Choker Necklace

    choker 3

    This antique gold choker necklace is a little chunkier than the first one. With quality pearl bead at the end, open style, every women can wear it. There is a little secret of this choker, the chunky pearl bead end makes the wearer's face looks smaller. Who don't want a smaller look face? !

    #3,Gold Mesh Fashion Statement Choker Necklace

    choker 1

    This hot gold mesh choker necklace is more chunkier than the above two. Unique gold mesh design, hollowed inside. Gain a statement look with this simple design chokers.

    #4,Trendy Silver Rhinestone Braided Chunky Choker Necklace

    choker 4

    Silver choker necklaces is well loved by a lot of girls. This chunky statement silver choker necklace is high quality made, with braided chains and clear crystal stones. Nice details. A little heavy compared to thin chokers. Hot selling, a lot of frequent customers come back to buy it again and again.

    #5,Twisted Multi Layer Chain Chunky Choker Necklace

    choker 5

    Twisted multi layer choker necklace. Unique design, unlike regular chokers, this choker necklace is a little longer. Good quality. Wholesale price $1.66/pc plus 10% dozen discount.

    Choker necklaces maybe the top one hottest trending necklace design in 2016. If your shop don't have enough chokers designs, it's time to get some.Don't miss out the trends. It's way easier to make money go with the trend.

    Looking for other wholesale fashion jewelry? Check our latest New Arrivals.

  • Best wholesale costume jewelry

    Best wholesale costume jewelry

    What dose "best wholesale costume jewelry " mean? To me, it means where is the best place to wholesale costume jewelry. Unique products sources is quite important to small business like boutiques and fashion jewelry shops. Unique products make customers remember you, and will definitely come to your store at the first time if they want to buy something special. So we are going to talk about where to wholesale boutique jewelry costume. The more you know how to find jewelry wholesale sources, the more your business will become better.

    Wholesale costume jewelry from China. For those who are looking for wholesale cheap costume jewelry, China would always a must-be consider place. China is the biggest manufacturing base of costume jewelry. It has several jewelry wholesale markets. You can nearly can find all the kinds of jewelry you want in these jewelry wholesale markets, including vintage costume jewelry and rhinestone costume jewelry. So if you want to wholesale vintage costume jewelry and wholesale rhinestone costume jewelry for your store, you should think about how to wholesale jewelry from China.

    Wholesale fashion jewelry from online jewelry distributors. I have mentioned that wholesale jewelry from China, but thanks to the Internet. You don't have to go to China by yourself, just go online. Many wholesale costume jewelry distributors has been online, you can search them on Google or B2B platforms. Another advantage of wholesaling costume jewelry from online distributors is you can get newer designs than wholesale from local jewelry wholesalers. Now, you know where to wholesale trendy costume jewelry.

    But if you consider wholesale designer costume jewelry, China may not be an option. As I said before, designer costume jewelry may not good for your boutique. As the prices are relative high and not much profits. I suggest you look for those good quality but not every expensive costume jewelry.  Then wholesale costume jewelry rings and wholesale costume jewelry supplies from China online is a very practical solution.

  • Quality costume jewelry wholesale

    quality costume jewelry wholesale

    We always want to get lower price on quality costume jewelry wholesale. In my opinion, costume jewelry is kind of like the core part in boutique stores. So a reliable costume jewelry wholesale supplier is quite important to your business. As far as I know, there are several things you should know about wholesale boutique jewelry costume. Another way of saying is, several standards on choosing wholesale supplier of wholesale fashion jewelry. Following are the tips that may be helpful to find a good costume jewelry wholesale supplier for you.

    Designer costume jewelry wholesale is not good for every  store. Of course you want unique costume jewelry retail to your customers. But the thing here is the sales and the profits may not as good as you expect. Usually the designer costume jewelry are more expensive, even at wholesale prices. Which means either you retail them with high prices with low sales, or you retail them with less profits.  You won't earn much profits in total in both conditions. But if your store target high end customers, designer costume jewelry may work. Otherwise I suggest cheap costume jewelry wholesale, as cheap costume jewelry wholesale price is good.

    Trendy costume jewelry wholesale is important. You won't earn money if you don't know the trends. Where you can sense the trends that now are popular among your customers? Brows their twitter and facebook! People always show their interests on their SNS network. Once you know the trends, you can start to find the corresponding costume jewelry wholesale supply.

    Costume jewelry wholesale suppliers have gone online. You don't have to be plagued by finding a costume jewelry wholesale supplier near around. Just search on Google and B2B platforms, you'll find some suppliers of wholesale costume jewelry.  Many people may want to know how to get better price when wholesale fashion jewelry online. I think you can just talk to them and tell them about your business. Bulk costume jewelry wholesale usually can enjoy different discounts. Now, you have a better price!

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