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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Why Wholesale Costume Jewellery from Yiwuproducts.com

    wholesale costume jewelleryWholesale costume jewellery is not new to you if you are checking this article. If you are looking for wholesale jewelry, probably you have purchased wholesale jewelry from China before and not quite satisfied with your experience and want to change now. Well, congratulations, your experience will change from now on.

    Have you been disappointed with the low quality of the fashion jewelry you purchased? Or you are tired with all the chaos of after sales service. Always hard to get compensation for the broken damaged items. Sellers are hard to deal with. Poor shipping experience....babbaba

    Well, if you have experienced any of the above situation, time for you to choose Yiwuproducts.com. We are a professional quality fashion jewelry wholesale supplier since 2010. We've served over 10,000 loyal customers around the world. Following are the top three reasons why it has to be US.

    1,Better quality

    Unlike other Chinese sellers, we pursue higher quality at better wholesale price. We don't give quality up to so called lowest price. We love to provide high cost performance wholesale jewelry designs rather than these cheap one.

    2, Better Shipping

    Some sellers may ship orders though some unknown China courier company in order lower shipping cost. But the awful result is on buyers. When the package arrived destination country, the buyers will be noticed to pay expensive extra fees to get their packages. And when the buyer try to contact the seller, the seller will stay silence. Or they will just tell you that it's common practice for international shipping. Come on,what kind of common practice this is?? In the end, you'll have to pay for the extra fee to get your package because if you don't you will get no goods and no money. The seller won't refund you because it's your responsibility not getting the package.

    3, Better Communication

    Well, this part may not considered by most of buyers as they don't see the needs. They think as long as the goods is good, shipping is OK, they don't have to communicate with the seller. Yeah, that's right. But we are a wholesale buyer not a retail buyer. If it's just a one time deal, we don't need to care that much. But as a wholesale buyer, you probably have to deal with the seller several times. If the design is selling good, you need to restock .If you just want the easy money to go away and never restock again, then forget this point. For most of us who want that money we need to carefully pick an easy going sellers as we don't know what situation we will met in the long term business relationship.

    Among all the costume jewellery stores online, we want to be the most reliable one with most popular designs at the most accepted price rate. We would love to invite you to join us. Wholesale fashion jewelry from us to open or broaden your business!

  • Wholesale jewelry for boutiques

    Wholesale jewelry for boutiques

    Fashion jewelry is important to boutiques. When customers go into boutiques for shopping, they want to have a unique and stylish shopping experience. So clothes, accessories and fashion jewelry is what they need. What's important is the styles are selected and can they can match each other, make up a fresh appears. So trendy boutique jewelry wholesale is important for boutique business. No matter you wholesale fashion jewelry online or from local jewelry wholesalers,  following things you'd better know before wholesale fashion jewelry.

    Normally the minimum order quantity(MOQ) is required. An important difference between a retail business and wholesale business is quantity. Wholesalers usually running on a low profit but lot quantity mode. To keep a reasonable profit, they always require MOQ. The MOQ can be quantity or amount. The MOQ was pretty high in the old days, someone told me that once she wholesale inspired jewelry from a local fashion jewelry wholesaler, they required $1,000 amount as MOQ. But now the situation has changed, many online costume jewelry wholesalers require about $100 as MOQ. This is really good for the boutiques shop owners who want to wholesale lot fashion costume jewelry, necklace and ring.

    Online trendy wholesale jewelry distributors can offer better prices. Online trendy wholesale jewelry distributors don't have to pay rent like physical jewelry wholesale stores, with lower running cost, they are able to offer lower prices. And another advantage is they supply more designs, if you want to wholesale unique costume jewelry, you'd better go online to find some sources. Boutique owners are worrying about the quality of online wholesale jewelry. A small and practical way can solve the quality issue. Don't wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk at the beginning. You can place a small order as sample order to check the quality is good or not. If you are satisfied with the quality, then you can list the jewelry wholesaler as a regular supplier.


  • 2015 Chinese National Day Holiday Notice

    Dear Customers,

    As the 2015 Chinese national day holiday is coming, we are here to inform you the schedule of our holiday. Our holiday will start from Sep 30th, last to Oct 7th.  All staff will be on holiday during this period.

    Chinese national holiday is an official holiday, customs, factories, and shipping companies will be all on holiday during these days. So we are not able to ship orders during the holiday, the orders which are placed after Sep 25th will be shipped after the holiday end( Oct,8th).

    If you have any question or concern, please contact us via Email:  service@yiwuproducts.com . Customer service specialists will response.

    Thank you for your trust and patience!

    Yiwuproducs Staff

    Sep 24th, 2015

    The great wall is crowded by people during Chinese holiday. The great wall is crowded by people during Chinese holiday.


  • wholesale costume jewelry by the dozen

    wholesale costume jewelry by the dozen

    Running a fashion jewelry business isn't easy, we need to change our products time to time to follow the changing trends. Wholesale costume jewelry by the dozen can enrich the stock, and also let us enjoy a better jewelry wholesale price. There are several things you need to learn about wholesale costume jewelry by the dozen, as well as wholesale fashion costume jewelry.

    Wholesale fashion jewelry online is cheaper than wholesale fashion jewelry from local. It maily because the online stores don't have the pay the rent as the physical jewelry wholesale stores. People who have visited jewelry stores will know that, to let customers select the fashion jewelry products conveniently, physical jewelry wholesale stores need to set up a spacious show room. Since the online fashion jewelry wholesale stores don't need a jewelry show room, they save the cost a lot, which enable them to provide lower prices. When you buy dozen pack wholesale jewelry, you can also enjoy additional discount in online stores. Many people usually wholesale fashion rings by the dozen and wholesale earrings by the dozen in online stores to get best prices.

    Wholesale costume jewelry for resale can be done online, both wholesale and resale. You don't have to rent a physical room to start a business up nowadays. There are plenty of jewelry wholesalers online, you can select the jewelry products you like to wholesale. Be remember that the designs are important. At some point, it's not quite important that what styles yourself like, what your customers like is important. So have a clear target in your mind before you wholesale fashion jewelry. For example, your customers are prefer earrings in your store, you consider to wholesale more stylish of fashion earrings. You can simply type fashion earrings wholesale in Google to find the fashion earrings sources online.

    Wholesale fashion jewelry dozens packs usually enjoy discount. In fashion jewelry industry, the jewelry products are packed by dozen. Which means the fashion jewelry wholesalers will safe time if you buy wholesale jewelry from them by the dozen. So they usually willing to offer discount for the dozen quantity.

  • Wholesale Midi Rings from China

    If you  have been stalking the jewelry trends as much as us you may noticed these little dainty rings have become popular for a while. Stars, celebrities have been decorating their hands with these decent midi rings.

    Midi rings are rings that wear above the knuckle, normally in different size and thin shape.Sometimes you may found that it does not look good to stack big rings together but with midi rings, they'll just go perfectly with each other. Different shape and different size of midi rings create a perfect statement look. Unlike other big rings that will make the handed over looked, midi rings wins by its size and weight.

    Wholesale midi rings to meet this ring trend. Women love midi rings for a lot of different reasons. First, midi rings can easily stacked to create a nice look on the hand. Second, midi rings can be wear separately as a dainty band ring. What's more, midi rings can be stacked with a bold chunky bib statement. With these multiple ways of styling, midi rings are just one of these wardrobe must-haves.



    Dainty three finger midi rings set. Price:$0.72/set


    midi 1

    Two set dainty midi rings. Silver toned. Price:$0.5/set

    Check more cute Midi rings in our Fashion Rings category.

  • Wholesale costume jewelry sets

    Wholesale costume jewelry sets

    Many people have asked me for help on wholesale costume jewelry sets. The questions are mainly about where to wholesale costume jewelry sets, how to confirm the quality of the costume jewelry, and how to get a better prices for them. The answers are depends on your local jewelry market and customers' needs.

    Wholesale costume jewelry sets has a lot of common with wholesale fashion jewelry sets. When your are finding resource of costume jewelry, you can just start with the jewelry wholesalers which are around you. In jewelry industry, quality is always a problem, just image your customers are not satisfied with the jewelry they buy from you. So a local jewelry wholesaler can enable you to have a chance to touch the costume jewelry in your hand and see how is the quality. Another advantage you can get from a local jewelry wholesaler is you can restock quickly. You don't have to wholesale at large quality at the beginning, wholesale jewelry sets in certain quantity will ensure you have a healthy cash flow.

    If you want to wholesale costume jewelry in bulk, make sure you check the quality before you do it. Especially when you are going to wholesale rhinestones jewelry sets, because the prices of rhinestone jewelry sets are expensive. If you wholesale fashion jewelry online, you can just place a small order as sample order, which will let you have a chance to check the qualify. Many online fashion jewelry wholesalers support mix wholesale, you can buy wholesale jewelry from them by 1 pcs. With this sample method, you can even safely buy discount fashion jewelry sets, without worrying about the quality of fashion jewelry products.

    We all want cheap costume jewelry sets. But how can we get the cheap prices? even with small quantity? A practical way is wholesale jewelry sets from the origin. And actually China is the biggest origin of fashion jewelry. Wholesale fashion jewelry from China online now is a more effective way to get costume jewelry source for your stores.

  • wholesale costume jewelry for resale

    wholesale costume jewelry for resale wholesale costume jewelry for resale

    Wholesale costume jewelry for resale is always a good business idea for many people. You can do this business as full time job, which means you can start a shop up for your own. Or you can do this costume jewelry business as part time job. Here we are going to talk about where to buy wholesale costume jewelry for resale and how to make profit from it.

    There are several places you can buy wholesale costume jewelry, but before that, you need to have clear target in you mind. What kind of costume jewelry you need? The jewelry you need is depends on your customers. For example, if you are preparing for a particular even, this even involves costume jewelry, people need it. So if you want to make money from this even, make sure your jewelry styles are fit the theme. And don't forget the sides of jewelry that people are caring about, if the jewelry is for one time use, the prices shou be cheap , if the jewelry is for memorial use, the quality should be good enough, then wholesale designer costume jewelry will be good to you.

    To find a or some proper wholesale costume jewelry distributors is not quite easy. You can start with the fashion jewelry wholesalers which are around or near you, visit their stores and have a loot at their fashion jewelry products. In most occasions, wholesale costume jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry is the same thing, and there is no clear line between costume jewelry and fashion jewelry. My jewelry wholesalers have their own minimum order(MOQ), I can be amount of quantity. For example, some jewelry wholesalers require you buy the fashion jewelry products by dozen, which is wholesalers dozen fashion jewelry. The MOQ can be good for both sides, to you is the price can be cheap, actually cheap wholesale jewelry by the dozen is the operating mode of many costume jewelry wholesalers.

    Another place to wholesale costume jewelry is Internet.  The prices can be cheaper than the jewelry wholesale stores around you. Many shop owners turn to Internet when they wholesale bulk jewelry for better price. Another advantage of wholesaling jewelry online is there are more designs available, fashion  earrings wholesale and fashion necklace wholesale can be done on one jewelry wholesale website. And don't forget that Yiwuproducts.com is always a  good place to wholesale fashion jewelry.

  • Wholesale Arm Cuffs

    What is arm cuff

    As one of the most popular jewelry designs, arm cuffs has gained its own popularity in the last year. Arm cuff is the cuff bangles that wears on the upper part of arm, most are gold plated or silver plated, it create a unique cool statement look.

    Most of arm cuffs are made from metal, decorated by unique gems at the end part. Wide chunky made or dainty thin.If you are the owner of jewelry boutiques or jewelry shop, you can't miss the hot trending designs. Hot designs means fast and good sell. Check the most popular arm cuff designs that are wholesaled by lots of retailers.

    Wide chunky designs

    1, Fashion Gold Plated Tassel Wide Cuff Bangle Bracelet


    This arm cuff bracelet is one of our best sellers. Classic high polish gold finish with quality chain tassels. Relatively wide design made it's one of the typical arm cuff designs.

    2,Gold Plated High Polish Finish Statement Cuff Bracelet


    Another classic design of arm cuff bracelet.Hollowed center design.

    Thin arm cuffs 

    Different wide statement arm cuffs, thin arm cuffs shows a more elegant dainty touch of jewelry.

    1,Chic Gold Plated Feather Cuff Bracelet


    This dainty gold feather arm cuff shows a elegant look. It can be wear in the upper side of arm or just wear like a normal cuff bracelet.

    2,Sweet Candy Color Bubble Cuff Bracelet


    Unlike gold plated arm cuffs, this candy color bubble arm bracelet is more girly and cute.

    3,Vintage Natural Stone Statement Cuff Bracelet


    This arm cuff is made from natural stone. High quality.Bold antique bronze metal bottom.

    Arm cuff jewelry is best to make a statement if you don't want to look like anybody else. Unlike statement necklaces, it's more like a niche design. Get some for your wardrobe for a special statement touch. Wholesale arm cuffs for your shop for a big sell.

  • Why You Shall Buy From Wholesale Jewelry Stores Online

    Fashion jewelry now days are one of these basic accessories that every women love to have some in order to complete or change their look everyday. As a result they need to constantly update the jewelry designs in their wardrobe. If you are just one of these girls/women who love to buy fashion jewelry, we want to share three reasons why you should start shopping from wholesale jewelry stores online.

    It's very common for us in the 21 century to shop online but shopping online can be very different from person to person. You may only knows these big name online fashion boutiques like HM, Zara,Amazon, etc. Come on there are a lot more other stores available which means you have a wide more choices. As for fashion jewelry.these online wholesale fashion jewelry stores are much better than the common boutiques. They are more professional, they carry more designs, the most important is their price are much lower as they are the wholesale supplier.

    *Better Price

    Wholesale jewelry shop online are normally direct jewelry wholesale suppliers, they directly supply jewelry at factory or manufacturer price so you don't need to pay the so called 'middle price" to the middle shops.

    *More Designs

    You know that thest boutiqe stores, shops wholesale their jewelry and other fashion accessories from these wholesale suppliers, but they only pick the designs they like or the designs they think that will sell good. Besides, they cannot afford to sell everything the wholesale stores carry. The result of this is that you can only see part of the jewelry designs that the wholesale shops actually produced. But, probably what you love is still in the wholesale supplier' shop. So, buy directly from wholesale jewelry shop online will give you a bigger chance to find the right jewelry you want.


    Well, the last reason is a little not that good but it's true. You can get all the beautiful fashion jewelry just by waiting at home.

    You enjoy the good price, the unique designs and leave the rest to the suppliers. However, the precondition to the convenience is that you find a GOOD supplier, like us. Otherwise, everything will end up in a unpleasant way.

    Ready to find some latest new fashion jewelry at wholesale price. We carry a lot of statement jewelry, if you know statement jewelry, you know that our price is incredible good.


  • Wholesale Costume Jewelry By the Bulk

    costume jewelry

    Costume jewelry,trinkets,fashion jewelry,junk jewelry, fake jewelry or fallalery, as explained by wikipedia.org  is jewelry manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment as opposed to "real" (fine) jewelry which may be regarded primarily as collectibles, keepsakes, or investments. In old days, only the wealthy or middle class women can afford costume jewelry but now days as the economy grows, almost every women are able to buy themselves a piece of fashionable costume jewelry.

    Costume jewelry market grows continuously in these years as women are more aware of the complement role to a perfect outfit. If you are in the costume jewelry business or you want to be in, there is a good business future waiting for you. However, no matter how big the potential market is, you need to be carefully of every steps during the growth of your business.

    To start a costume jewelry business, you need to wholesale costume jewelry at a cost-effective price so that you can make a profit. For a new shop, you can't just start wholesaling like other big companies, they can purchase one design at a large amount as they are able to sell them all. But as a newbie to the market, you don't know how many you can sell for a particular design. Thus, the best trick is to start wholesale costume jewelry by the bulk or even by the dozen. It's better to replenish after you sold out rather than to hold a bunch of dead stock. What's more, the metal of costume jewelry fades as time pass and the rhinestones will loose lustre. The longer the stock you hold, the less you will sell. If this happens several times, at the end you will lost your business.

    So, keep in mind, it's important to limit your inventory! Don't wholesale large amount when you can wholesale bulk, don't wholesale bulk when you can wholesale by the dozen. You may wondering why as a jewelry wholesale website, we are not encouraging you to wholesale large amount so that we can sell more. Well, every customer values a lot to us. We want to establish long business term with you,we want to grow with you. To be hones, if your business grows not good, it's not good to us as well :D. We are happy to share our experience in the costume jewelry business. If you ever has any questions, feel free to contact us at any time via service@yiwuproducts.com . All questions will be answered shortly.

    If you are ready to explore some new jewelry designs, check our New Arrival category. We have over 700 designs in the last month.

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