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  • 2018 Chinese new year holiday notice

    Dear All Customers,

    As the Chinese new year holiday (Spring festival, February 16th, 2018) is coming. We are here to notice you the schedule of our holiday. Our holiday will start from February 8th, and lasts to February  28th.  We'll be back to work on March 1st.

    The orders placed after February 6th will be shipped after our holiday. This is because the manufacturers, shipping companies, and customs will be all on holiday during this time. We are unable to process your order without their assistance. The orders will be processed in chronological order after we back to work.

    All staff will be on holiday since February 8th,  2018. But a customer service specialist will be on duty to check emails from time to time during the holiday. If you have any questions, please contact us via service@yiwuproducts.com

    At this time of every year, we are about to finish a year's work and go back to hometown to celebrate the festival with our family. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you. Thank you for your business and trust in the past year!!

    Happy new year!

    The coming new year is "year of dog" in China. If you want to learn more about Chinese Spring Festival, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year


    Updated on December 30th, 2017


    November 4th updated: 205 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/1104/



  • More available products for October 2017


    October 28th updated: 227 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/1028/


    October 17th updated: 373 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/1017/


    October 11th updated: 36 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/1011/


    October 6th updated: 284 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/1006/


  • Wholesale Chunky Necklaces Sets-Best 5 to Boost Sales

    Chunky necklaces set are normally refers to these big statement necklaces that have matching earrings and necklaces. Sold as a jewelry set so that you don't need to take a lot of troubles to find a right earrings with the similar color or design to match your necklace. Or a necklace to match your earrings. With a ready made jewelry set, women can shorten their dressing up time and leave home for work earlier and easier. A great way to save time. I suppose that's why a lot of women love to have some cute jewelry sets in their jewelry box for some time-strapped mornings while still want to look chic. Thus, it's our sellers' duty to provide them with multiple choices of cute chunky necklaces sets. We've picked out top 5 best sellers of chunky necklaces sets so you, our deal boutique/shop boss owners, may want to present to your customers.

    1. C11716 statement tassel metal necklace set braided multilayer rhinestone choker                                                                      This large chunky necklaces set features a statement red tassel earrings and bib necklace set. Red color is so vivid and goes perfect with blue and turquoise blue rhinestones and ropes. Bold but not boring with all of these details.
    2. C11684 statement hot colorful tassel ball braided necklace BOHO                                                                           Tassel fringe is absolutely the hottes fashion element in fashion jewelry this year. Now the fashion world is paying more and more attention to comfort of the wearer. Cotton tassel jewelry seriers are this kind of jewelry can make us chic and cozy compared to metal pieces.
    3. N12235 Yellow Beaded Necklace Earrings Set                                                             This yellow beaded multi layer strand jewelry set is absolutely a outfit brighter. One will feel great wearing this necklace. Also available in Red color.
    4. N10889 Gold Sequin Earrings Bib Necklace Set                                                                    This stunning sequin chunky necklace and earrings set is a great piece to go with plain white t-shirt or a white blouse. Also available in Black and Silver color.                                                                        
    5. N12236 Multi Strand Pearl Necklace Set                                                  The last but not least is a statement pearl jewelry set. Yes, pearls! Pearls are always in the center of fashion jewelry trends. This pearl set is a great chunky statement set to go in a Winter morning. Perfect to layer under a warm sweater.

    If you don't like any of the above 5 big chunky necklaces and looking to wholesale some unique big statemetn necklaces, don't worry, we got you covered. Check the link below for the right designs you need.

    Big Statement necklaces

    Big Bib Necklaces

    Big Chunky Necklaces

    Check our Latest Trending Jewelry Collection for some new jewelry idea inspiration.

  • How to Promote Online Boutique Business

    Marketing an online fashion boutique can be different from one to one however there are still a lot of most common things that every boutique can do. If you are the owner or the person who are resonsilble for promoting an online boutique, this article may be helpful or inspirational to you  As a wholesale fashion jewelry supplier since 2010, we’ve have built relations with a lot of retailer customers that are or were running jewelry shops/boutiques online and offline. Some of them are now doing great, grew into a popular shop and now is making a fortune out of their business but some of them were having tough time running their business and have to ended it. We've learned our lessions while being their partners in these years.

    Things you should do while promoting your online boutique:

    *Build a beautique online boutique while easy to use. We've seen a lot of beautifur online boutique but hard to use. Blurry navigation, painful search,etc. Make your website as clearly as you can. Provide clear information about who you are, what products you sell, how to contact you and so on to build a good first impression to your potential customers.

    *Create a good easy to remember slogan for your shop. A good slogan is easy for people to distinguish your shop from others and easy to remember.

    *Set up social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instragam, Youtube etc. In now days,it's very important and basic to have these social presence in order to market your online boutique. Keep your customers updated of things happening in your shop. Post while you have new arrivals, discounts jewelry, or just talk with them to keep them in touch.

    *Sponsor fashion influencers. There are a lot of fashion influencers now, find some that will like your jewelry style, sponsor them with your jewelry. This is a good way to spread out and brand your shop. However, you should do the above three things well so that the marketing effect will be doubled.

    Things You Should Not Do(Especially to a new boutique):

    Do Not Overdo your Stock:We are a jewelry wholesale supplier, you may be surprised to hear this tip from us as we are the one who will benefit from bulk orders. We love to be sincere to our customers and always will be! Seriously, do not overdo your stock if you just start your boutique business. You never know what design will sell good(don't take it for granted and think a design will be popular. You probably be wrong.) Try as many as designs at the beginning, buy a few pieces of one design and a lot of different designs instead of big quantity but less designs. Test the market before you put most of your fund into a hot product.

    Try quality products only if you want to have frequent customers and keep business going. Always remember, NO ONE IS FOOL. Customers knows what products are good quality and what are not. Providing them with quality products only otherwise they will leave you quickly. This is also the best and cheapest way to build a strong frequent customers base.

    Conslusion: Promoting an online boutique looks easy but hard and there are lots of stuff to do. However, as long as you are putting your effort in the right way, it will eventually paid off.

    Check our Wholesae Fashion Jewelry collection or Wholesale sterling silver jewelry collection.

    View more Trendying Jewelry that are hot this year.

  • Wholesale Sterling Silver Necklaces Online-Top 5 Hottest Designs You Can't Miss

    If you are the owner of a jewellery boutique and looking for cute wholesale silver necklaces designs to refresh your shop look. The following hottest five silver necklace designs are the ones you can't miss. They are the best sellers of our sterling silver jewellery collection from 2017 Janury to July, proved by lots of jewellery/fashion boutiques just like yours. Althrough our customers are around the world (mainly in European and American countries), and your target customers may different from others, this list is still inspirational to you. Let's satisfy your curiosity about the best sellers in others' boutiques.

    Top 1 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklaces-The Antler Necklace SKU N11863

    (click photo to check it out)

    This antler necklace features a cute antler(er....). Actually, I really don't know why this necklace is so popular. Personally not a fan but a lot of our customers(other boutique owners like you) purchased it in bulk(over 100pcs) and came back to restock grequently.

    Top 2 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Long Bar Pendant Necklace SKU S10701

    (click photo to check it out)

    Long bar pendant necklace can easily elongate a girls's face to make it more beautiful and easily to look thinner, hmm, I think that's the main reason women love it. So does our shop owners. Restock crazily.

    Top 3 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Long tube necklace SKU S10752

    (click photo to check it out)

    Honestly, this one is my favorite one.Looks so sexy on the neck. A lot of our customers first start selling this silver necklace because themselves love it and then proved that a lot of their retail customers love it too. So they come back to restock again and again. If you love it, be sure to get some today, it's sold out quickly.

    Top 4 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Pearl Bar Pendant Necklace SKU S10693

    (click photo to check it out)

    It's pearls! Pearls and sterling silver, that's enough for it to be in the top five hottest designs.

    Top 5 Best Sellers of Sterling Silver Necklace-Double circle pendant necklace SKU S10745

    (click photo to check it out)

    Another classic piece. Three colors available. Silver, Rose Gold,14K Yellow gold. Minimalist style is IN.

    Shop our complete wholesale 925 sterling silver necklaces collection to find the best silver necklaces that your customers will love.

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    Wholesale 925 sterling silver bracelets

    We always especting your emails at service@yiwuproducts.com. Tell us the designs that your customers love the most or the designs you want to sell in your shop but can't find anywhere. The products you want to carry in your boutique but can't find reliable suppliers and anything else you want to talk with us.

  • more available products for August 2017


    August 28th updated: 77 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0828/


    August 25th updated: 52 designs of jewelry

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0825/


    August 16th updated: 45 designs of bracelets

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0816/


    August 8th updated: 127 designs of earrings

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0808/


    August 3rd updated: 195 designs of earrings

    Link: https://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0803


  • Best Way to Store Jewelry For Free

    Jewelry has always been a good and important accessory to complete a look in women's daily life. No matter fashion jewelry or fine jewelry like sterling silver jewelry, while getting more and more of them, the jewelry storage problem pops out. In this article we are gonna to share with you 5 best ways of organize jewelry cost free. Seriously, we need to save our money for more jewelry (smiling face). There are different ways and tools to store different jewelry.

    *Hangling on wall

    This is the best way to store necklaces, expecially big or long statement necklaces as they are easy to get twined with each other if put in a drawer.

    Find a photo frame, put some small nails on it, you have a diy necklaces hanger now. Also nice to hang big earrings on it. In this way, you can easily decide what necklaces/earrings to wear every morning before heading to school or work.

    Find some used or new poker cards, cute two gap in the upper side like the photo. A perfect and cost-free way to organize dainy necklaces like sterling silver necklaces . Put these cards in a wood box or other empty boxes

    *Glass bottles or other cute bottles are the best ways to store your bracelets

    Next time, don't throw out the cute bottles of your yummy drink, keep it for your bracelets and watches. Don't you think it's a lovely decoration when putting them in your bedroom? You'll be clear what bracelet to wear just at a glance.

    *Use a cute plate to store small jewelry like earrings and rings

    A cute plate or bowl is a good way to store small jewelry that are easily lost like earrings and rings. Hang the earrings hook on the bow edge, so nature that you don't need to do anything. It's just a borned earrings organizer.


    There are so many cost free ways to store your jewelry, just give you another reason to buy more jewelry. Buy jewelry from a wholesale jewelry store to save more money.


  • Wholesale Tassel Earrings to Boost Sales-What Designs Sells Best

    Time to wholesale tassel earrings if your shop still don't carry them now. Tassels earrings are so hot and still getting hotter and hotter according to data in google trends. Especially as Summer is here, more and more people are heading to beach for a vacation. Tassel earrings are one of these cute beach jewelry that are perfectly to brighten up and embellish a beach outfit. We've picked the 10 best tassel earrings that you can just take them to your shop. They are ready to boost sales for you. These earrings are selected due to our sales report in the past ten days and search data in google.

    No.1:Beaded Tassel Earrings

    Beaded tassel earrings

    Among all tassel earrings, beaded tassel earrings are the top winner that people are searching for.

    This earrings is not only hot for tis "beaded" design but also for its color. Among all searched, lots of people are searching for "black tassel earrings" and "white tassel earrings"

    When typing "tassel earrings" in google, the number first color people are looking for is "black tassel earrings"

    With these evidences, black tassel earrings are abosultely the most color of tassel earrings that you should prepare for your customers in your shop.

    No.2:Black Tassel Earrings


    NO.3:Colorful Tassel Earrings

    As we talked above that's it's Summer time, beach time. Women love to rock colors on the beach which means time to get some colorful jewelry. Yellow, Pink,Green,Red.,Multicolor. Let's take few pieces of each to test which colors sells best in your jewelry store online or offline.

    NO.4: Statement Tassel Earrings

    Althrough most of the tassel earrings are statement tassel earrings due to the "nature" of tassels. Long and chunky. There are still some REAL statement tassel earrings that are a lot chunkier and bigger in look. Summer is all about rock something big and bold, satisfy your customers by providing them with colorful big statement tassel earrings.

    NO.5: Gold tassel earrings

    The other hot searchs among keyword about tassel earrings is "tassel earrings gold" which indicates some people are looking for gold tassel earrings. There are gold chain tassel earrings and gold fringe tassel earrings. We got them all so that you can replensih your shop with everything people want to follow this tassel earrings trends.

    Follow the hot jewelry trends is an easier way to boost sales of your shop. Trending designs can sell themselves. All you need to do is to present them to your customers and giving them as many choices as you can. Althrough we are a fashion jewelry wholesaler, we don't recommand you to overstock any designs unless it already been proved a hot seller in your shop. Before that, take a few pieces only to test the market and then restock of these designs that sells good.

    Check more Wholesale Trending Jewelry designs to find hot designs to sell.










  • Colorful Earrings Wholesale-Provide Your Customers What They Need

    Summer is officially Here! Colorful earrings wholesale should be brought up as summer is all about bright colors. Have you been hearing that more and more of your friends are planning for a summer vacation? So does your customers. It's important to think what your customers think and prepare ahead for them. If you only sell something from your inside wish instead from customer's view, the sales is easily go dead. However, do the oppisite. Pay a lot attention to what your customers are looking for. What the fashion industry are going throught, the outcome will be completely different.

    While Summer is a good time for vacation, girls need something colorful, something cute, something can easily make a statement. A cute colorufl statement earrings is what they need. They may not know that until you provide them with a bounch of cute earrings to choose. So, it's time to refresh your shop for the hot season. We've picked our favorite top 5 cute statement earrings below. Check our Wholesale Earrings category directly for more choices.

    Top 1:Colorful ball statement dangle earrings

    We have fell in love with this cute earrings the first sight. Definitely a statement piece that will make a girl happy the entire day. Four colors available. Each color is so solid and attractive. People will just can't stop looking at one who wears these cute candies. Its length is 10cm, big and long enough to make a statement by itself alone. Best earrings to match the hot off-should tops/dress that this year.

    Top 2:Multi-color tassel statement dangle earrings

    Tassel earrings is another hot trending element in 2017. Looking following trends result in google trends

    The graph shows more and more people(more likely are girls and women) are searching for "tassel earrings" which means more and more people want to buy tassel earrings. Therefore, it's time for you to get prepared for this jewelry trends.

    Top 3: Beautiful statement flower dangle earrings

    First, tell me who don't love flowers? I mean woman. OK, you'll say a lot of female friends who,who,who don't like flowers. But there are more who,who,who LOVE flowers, right. The majority of your customers love flowers indicate that most of them are looking for a cute flower earrings to wear while out of vacation, maybe right now.

    Top 4:Statement Fun Fruit Earrings

    People take vacation for fun. A cute cartoon shape fruite earrings can make it funier.Yellow is one of our favorite colorful color for summer. There are so many delicious fruits in yellow color, pineapple, banana,lemon,etc. A cute fried egg is also fun to play with.Bring these cute earrings to your shop to surprise your customers.

    Top 4:Colorful bubble ball stud earrings

    How cute these earrings are! Like a fary tale. Glass bubbles with lots of colorful small balls,stars. So many colors to choose. While we want to make a statement with earrings, prople are more like to wear a big dangle earrings. These cute bubble stud earrings are a good replacement while we don't want wear something heavy and too long.

    Colorful earrings are one of these essential fashion jewelry must-have in summer time. We never need to worry about if its too bold to wear. Thus, while looking for new wholesale fashion jewelry, definitely choose some to refresh your shop a Summer look.

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