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  • Best Way to Store Jewelry For Free

    Jewelry has always been a good and important accessory to complete a look in women's daily life. No matter fashion jewelry or fine jewelry like sterling silver jewelry, while getting more and more of them, the jewelry storage problem pops out. In this article we are gonna to share with you 5 best ways of organize jewelry cost free. Seriously, we need to save our money for more jewelry (smiling face). There are different ways and tools to store different jewelry.

    *Hangling on wall

    This is the best way to store necklaces, expecially big or long statement necklaces as they are easy to get twined with each other if put in a drawer.

    Find a photo frame, put some small nails on it, you have a diy necklaces hanger now. Also nice to hang big earrings on it. In this way, you can easily decide what necklaces/earrings to wear every morning before heading to school or work.

    Find some used or new poker cards, cute two gap in the upper side like the photo. A perfect and cost-free way to organize dainy necklaces like sterling silver necklaces . Put these cards in a wood box or other empty boxes

    *Glass bottles or other cute bottles are the best ways to store your bracelets

    Next time, don't throw out the cute bottles of your yummy drink, keep it for your bracelets and watches. Don't you think it's a lovely decoration when putting them in your bedroom? You'll be clear what bracelet to wear just at a glance.

    *Use a cute plate to store small jewelry like earrings and rings

    A cute plate or bowl is a good way to store small jewelry that are easily lost like earrings and rings. Hang the earrings hook on the bow edge, so nature that you don't need to do anything. It's just a borned earrings organizer.


    There are so many cost free ways to store your jewelry, just give you another reason to buy more jewelry. Buy jewelry from a wholesale jewelry store to save more money.


  • Wholesale Tassel Earrings to Boost Sales-What Designs Sells Best

    Time to wholesale tassel earrings if your shop still don't carry them now. Tassels earrings are so hot and still getting hotter and hotter according to data in google trends. Especially as Summer is here, more and more people are heading to beach for a vacation. Tassel earrings are one of these cute beach jewelry that are perfectly to brighten up and embellish a beach outfit. We've picked the 10 best tassel earrings that you can just take them to your shop. They are ready to boost sales for you. These earrings are selected due to our sales report in the past ten days and search data in google.

    No.1:Beaded Tassel Earrings

    Beaded tassel earrings

    Among all tassel earrings, beaded tassel earrings are the top winner that people are searching for.

    This earrings is not only hot for tis "beaded" design but also for its color. Among all searched, lots of people are searching for "black tassel earrings" and "white tassel earrings"

    When typing "tassel earrings" in google, the number first color people are looking for is "black tassel earrings"

    With these evidences, black tassel earrings are abosultely the most color of tassel earrings that you should prepare for your customers in your shop.

    No.2:Black Tassel Earrings


    NO.3:Colorful Tassel Earrings

    As we talked above that's it's Summer time, beach time. Women love to rock colors on the beach which means time to get some colorful jewelry. Yellow, Pink,Green,Red.,Multicolor. Let's take few pieces of each to test which colors sells best in your jewelry store online or offline.

    NO.4: Statement Tassel Earrings

    Althrough most of the tassel earrings are statement tassel earrings due to the "nature" of tassels. Long and chunky. There are still some REAL statement tassel earrings that are a lot chunkier and bigger in look. Summer is all about rock something big and bold, satisfy your customers by providing them with colorful big statement tassel earrings.

    NO.5: Gold tassel earrings

    The other hot searchs among keyword about tassel earrings is "tassel earrings gold" which indicates some people are looking for gold tassel earrings. There are gold chain tassel earrings and gold fringe tassel earrings. We got them all so that you can replensih your shop with everything people want to follow this tassel earrings trends.

    Follow the hot jewelry trends is an easier way to boost sales of your shop. Trending designs can sell themselves. All you need to do is to present them to your customers and giving them as many choices as you can. Althrough we are a fashion jewelry wholesaler, we don't recommand you to overstock any designs unless it already been proved a hot seller in your shop. Before that, take a few pieces only to test the market and then restock of these designs that sells good.

    Check more Wholesale Trending Jewelry designs to find hot designs to sell.










  • Colorful Earrings Wholesale-Provide Your Customers What They Need

    Summer is officially Here! Colorful earrings wholesale should be brought up as summer is all about bright colors. Have you been hearing that more and more of your friends are planning for a summer vacation? So does your customers. It's important to think what your customers think and prepare ahead for them. If you only sell something from your inside wish instead from customer's view, the sales is easily go dead. However, do the oppisite. Pay a lot attention to what your customers are looking for. What the fashion industry are going throught, the outcome will be completely different.

    While Summer is a good time for vacation, girls need something colorful, something cute, something can easily make a statement. A cute colorufl statement earrings is what they need. They may not know that until you provide them with a bounch of cute earrings to choose. So, it's time to refresh your shop for the hot season. We've picked our favorite top 5 cute statement earrings below. Check our Wholesale Earrings category directly for more choices.

    Top 1:Colorful ball statement dangle earrings

    We have fell in love with this cute earrings the first sight. Definitely a statement piece that will make a girl happy the entire day. Four colors available. Each color is so solid and attractive. People will just can't stop looking at one who wears these cute candies. Its length is 10cm, big and long enough to make a statement by itself alone. Best earrings to match the hot off-should tops/dress that this year.

    Top 2:Multi-color tassel statement dangle earrings

    Tassel earrings is another hot trending element in 2017. Looking following trends result in google trends

    The graph shows more and more people(more likely are girls and women) are searching for "tassel earrings" which means more and more people want to buy tassel earrings. Therefore, it's time for you to get prepared for this jewelry trends.

    Top 3: Beautiful statement flower dangle earrings

    First, tell me who don't love flowers? I mean woman. OK, you'll say a lot of female friends who,who,who don't like flowers. But there are more who,who,who LOVE flowers, right. The majority of your customers love flowers indicate that most of them are looking for a cute flower earrings to wear while out of vacation, maybe right now.

    Top 4:Statement Fun Fruit Earrings

    People take vacation for fun. A cute cartoon shape fruite earrings can make it funier.Yellow is one of our favorite colorful color for summer. There are so many delicious fruits in yellow color, pineapple, banana,lemon,etc. A cute fried egg is also fun to play with.Bring these cute earrings to your shop to surprise your customers.

    Top 4:Colorful bubble ball stud earrings

    How cute these earrings are! Like a fary tale. Glass bubbles with lots of colorful small balls,stars. So many colors to choose. While we want to make a statement with earrings, prople are more like to wear a big dangle earrings. These cute bubble stud earrings are a good replacement while we don't want wear something heavy and too long.

    Colorful earrings are one of these essential fashion jewelry must-have in summer time. We never need to worry about if its too bold to wear. Thus, while looking for new wholesale fashion jewelry, definitely choose some to refresh your shop a Summer look.

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  • More available products for July 2017


    July 19th updated: 36 designs of bracelet

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0719/


    July 16th updated: 282 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0716/


    July 15th updated: 158 designs of jewelry

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    July 11th updated: 127 designs of bracelet

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0711/


    July 10th updated: 173 designs of necklace

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0710/


    July 5th updated: 179 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0705/


    July 4th updated: 360 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0704/




  • Best Charm Bracelets to Wholesale for Women and Girls

    Wholesale charms bracelets for women and girls is getting hotter and hotter just like the weather. As one of the hottest fashion costume jewelry  women love to wear all year round, especially in Spring and Summer when they wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops all the time. A cute charm bracelets is a great accessory to complete the whole outfit.  Although charm bracelets are cute accessory for women and girls, there are different designs for different age group. Some designs are too formal to young girls while some cute designs are a little “childish” to ladies who in their early 30s. We have picked top 5 hot selling charm bracelets for young girls and elder ladies. No matter your targeted jewelry customers are in which age group, you will find the most trending designs that attracted to your potential customers.

    Top 5 Cute Charm Bracelets for young girls

    *Emoji charm bracelets

    Young girls are the fan of funny internet stuff like emoji. This cute emoji charm bracelets included variety of different emoji charms that can find in every instant message apps. Easily to stand out from a bunch of different bracelets.

    *Charm bracelets with cute charms

    This cute charm bracelets feathers abundant cute charm including star,moon,lighting,rainbow,cloud and eye with a blue rhinestone. A lot of details to play with.

    *Black lace charm bracelet to match a black choker

    This cute black charm bracelet feathers a two layer design with a lovely black star charm. Chokers are still IN trends, especially thin fabric choker. This charm bracelet is a great matching jewelry to a choker necklace.

    *Beaded layered charm bracelet is one of young girls' favorite

    During Summer time, most of our clothes are light colored, a fresh light colored beaded charm bracelet will complete an outlook perfectly. Don't you think this beaded charm bracelet will make a BOHO dress look to a new level?

    *A cool tassel charm bracelet/hand harness

    Basic but cool white t-shirt with short jeans is something almost EVERY girl will wear during Summer time. Then adding a cool metallic tassel charm bracelet will make the plain/classic look even cooler.

    Top charm bracelets for young ladies

    Actually the above five charm bracelets are suitable for young lady as well thanks to their good quality. It won't looks "cheap" on elder girls/women. There are a few more charm bracelets designs that will meet elder girls' requirements better.

    *Classic designer charm bracelets.

    Classic crystal beaded charm bracelet. Hot design, boutique quality. Elder girls are more likely to pursue something classic,quality & chic. This beaded charm bracelet are just made for them.

    Apart from charm bracelets,  bangle bracelets, beaded strand bracelets or link chain bracelets are all favored by girls&women. If you are looking for new designs to enrich your shop collection. Try each style with small quantity to test the market. Always remember, do not overdo your stock!




  • Stunning Simulated Diamond Ring to make you shinny and happy

    Women love diamond ring but not everybody can afford a real one. A beautiful simulated diamond ring at cheap price is a smart choice to women who want to be shiny and beautiful.However, you need to know that a simulated diamond ring is not real diamond ring or made from synthetic diamonds. Both of real diamond ring or synthetic diamond ring are made from genuine diamond and are at high cost price. A simulated diaomnd ring is something made from other much more afforadble material and looks like a diamond ring. They are not the same thing but just looks similar.

    These days, a good quality simulated diamond ring can made from high quality Cubic Zirconia(CZ), moissanite, YAG. They can also include some natural clear gemstones like white sapphire, white zircon or even clear quartz. These gemstones are all not real diamond but something looks similar. However, they are mush easier to get and are sold at much lower price. If you don't want to break your bank account but want to try the shiny look, a simulated diamond ring is a good choice. There are a lot of cute simulated diamond ring made from quality cubic zirconia available on Yiwuproducts.com now. Followling are the most popular designs chosen by our customers.

    *Stackable CZ studded band ring

    A cute band ring with stunning cz stones is something basic but cannot be more classic. Easy to go with any statement rings that also in silver tone. Add a litlle bling bling to your collection.

    *Classic princess cute diamond ring

    A classic princess cute diamond ring is something wome will die for. Before owning a REAL diamond ring, try this beautiful made cubic zirconia stone princess cut simulated one. It may not as durable as real diamon but will look as shiny as a real.

    *Pink diamond ring(simulated)

    A real diamond ring is expensive, not to say a real PINK diamond ring. Its rareness make it far beyond something normal women can afford or normal husband can buy for wifes. Why not try a simulated one instead? They will brighten your day the same way but you will not worry about the bank receipt.

    There are a lot more cute simulated diamond ring available on your online jewelry store. Find your dreaming diamond ring is a more afforadble form. Maybe it's hard to own a real one, but it's not hard to be happy.

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  • wholesale costume jewelry for resale from China-Manufacturers or Wholesalers

     Wholesale costume jewelry to resale for a profit is a good way to make some extra money. The first thing to set a successful jewelry business is finding a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier to startup. Maybe you already know that China is one of the biggest manufacturer base of fashion jewelry in the world. In this article, we'll tell you top 3 things about buying wholesale costume jewelry from China for resale that you may never heard before.

    *Where to buy wholesale costume jewelry from China as a startup seller

    When you decide to start up your little jewelry business, you may have prepared a big fund for this, but trust me, it never wrong to save every penny when starting a business in the beginning. You need to think deeply how to spend your limited fund on the most important things. How to use the least money to keep your business going untill you start making money out of your business. Therefore, the first thing is to find a reliable wholesale fashion jewelry distributor that offers competitive wholesale price. Looking for a wholesaler on google or aliexpress or dhgate. Take your time selecting a good supplier. Try to get a whole picture of the cost price you can afford and also will allow you to make a profit.

    How many jewelry Manufacturer base  in China?

    Although China is the biggest manufacturing base of fashion jewelry, different style/quality fashion jewelry are produced in different part of China. If you are looking for higher quality fashion jewelry, most of them are produced in Shandong province, a lot of America and European jewelry store's supplier are from there,like Forver21,ZARA,HM,etc. They have higher quality standard and better technology thus the jewelry quality is relatively much better; If price is much more important to you, yiwu is the best production base to go. Yiwu city is famous for their cheap price small commodities around the world, among them, fashion jewelry is the most popular and mature product. What's more, the main target country of yiwu jewelry is the middle east area, so there are a lot of customers from these countries come to Yiwu to buy wholesale fashion jewelry; The last big jewelry production is guangzhou in Guangdong province, sterling silver jewelry and stainless steel or titanium steel jewelry are mainly produced there. If you are looking for quality stainless steel jewelry or silver jewelry, you should go to there to buy bulk. If buying from online fashion jewelry wholesaler, better to choose a supplier from Guanddong or a wholesaler sourcing from there like Yiwuproducts.com80% fashion jewelry are from Shandong manufacturers and 20% are from well selected yiwu manufacturers. All 925 sterling silver jewelry are from Guangdong manufacturers to ensure quality.

    There are a lot of wholesale costume jewelry distributors in China given you more choices to choose the jewelry style you want. They allow you to buy small quantity instead a large MOQ as manufacturer required. They are a combination of multiple manufacturers enables you to choose different style of jewelry in one place. As a professional fashion jewelry wholesaler, they have good relationship with manufacturers, are able to get better factory price with them, then offer you better wholesale price. Rather than buying directly from manufacturers, in most cases you will enjoy better prices. What's more, wholesalers are more professional in handling shipping problems.

    In summary, to a business starters, a fashion jewelry wholesaler should be a better choice to you, they offer wide selection of jewelry designs, low MOQ, handle shipping for you. As the business grow, your quantity requirement is bigger, like hundreds of units per design and your wholesaler cannot offer you the good price you want. You are also ready to visit China manufacturers yourself, it may be the time for you to buy directly from manufacturers/factory. However, this is a brand new experience than buying jewelry from a wholesale distributor.

    Wholesale jewelry bulk bots now.

  • Wholesale Fashion Necklaces-Hot Designs in 2017

    In the fashion jewelry industry, it's important to keep styles up to date. There are so many runnways in the fashion world for the purpose to create new fashion trends and boost new sales. People are easy to get bored with a style and you need to stimulate consumption by adding new jewelry designs to your shop from time to time. Keep your store a fresh look to your customers, they will come back. This is a simple rule in business however after running a business for a while, a lot of owners are easily forget this golden rule. Sometimes, it's not you don't want to keep fresh but it's hard to find cute new designs. Lucky for you to find a powerful fashion jewelry wholesaler like us (naughty face) who carries thousands and thousands latest new jewelry designs at good quality.

    It's important to keep wholesale fashion jewelry new designs, while there are so many designs pouring in, choosing the right designs that will attract customers and boost sales is more important. In this article. let us walk you through the hottest new designs/trends in fashion necklaces wholesale. We will talk about fashion earrings, rings, bracelets in future articles. Following are the top 3 hot necklaces trends in  2017.

    Wholesale Choker Necklaces

    Choker necklaces have been the toppest hot necklace style in 2016 and its heat is still on in more transformation of designs,material,colors etc. Choker necklaces can be cool,bohemian,punk,edgy or chic. Adding a basic choker to a outfit can completely change the look, we suppose that's why girls love them so much.

    Wisps of fabric/leather thongs is getting more popular than thick ones.

    Hollowed flower Brown PU choker with extra long string. Basic bohemian style.

    Hot embroidery flower choker/irregular shape

    Wholesale Statement Long Pendant Necklace

    The sautior or long neckalce has come back after giving way to  chokers but now it's back. Long chain pendant neckalce are easily to make statement. With a big chunky pendant will make it easier while the outfit is plain and basic.

    Minimalist necklaces

    Unlike these chunky statement necklaces or choker that can make a statement also, most of these neckalces are for a eyecatching look while you need something to make a statement. Especially when your outfit is basic and plain,a statement necklace is like a saviour who can make a magic. However, in a lot of times, you just want something dainty but chic to match your outfit that is statement itself. A minimalist style necklace is the one you need. As the style is minimalist, it has a higher standard of quality. The dainty the better. A thin chain looks much exquiste than a thick one.

    Some knowledge about gold plated jewelry

    When choosing the thin dainty necklace, pay attention to its material. Necklace made from zinc alloy cannot be exquiste. It has to be made from copper(at least). The surface of chain are all need to be electroplated to gold or white gold color. There are different kind of electroplating as well. Common electroplating is the cheapest but color cannot last too long, normally serveal months, depending on frequency of wearing and the wearer's composition of sweat. If you want better quality, choose real gold plated one. There are 14K,18K,24K gold plated available. The k stands for karat.1k is 1/24=4.1%, so 14k gold is 58% purity of gold, 18k is 74% purity of gold and 24K is full gold.

    Ready to check thousands of latest wholesale fashion necklaces

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  • Costume Jewellery Wholesale-Keep 3 Things in Mind

    If you are looking costume jewellery wholesale supplier online now, no matter you are looking for a new wholesale supplier to enrich your product range or you are just entering the industry, with the hope to find a good supplier to be your back up. Keep these three things in mind will save you a lot of time and money in the same time.

    First, jewellery designs is the first thing to consider

    You may probably already decided the jewellery designs or styles you want to sell before looking for a supplier. That’s good. If you are not, you should better find it and stick to it. Like most of the fashion related industries, design is the KEY. A good design can sell itself. Sourcing for a fashion jewelry wholesaler who has the right designs you want. You may think this is easy, trust me, it's not that easy. Although,there are a lot of fashion jewelry wholesale supplier/distributors available, most of them may have the similar designs which you can see everywhere. Similar designs are not good for resale. You need to research and research. Finding the right jewellery designs is worth the time.

    If a supplier's jewellery quality is really good but their designs is so out of date. Time to find another new supplier. Women love trendy,chic jewellery but not something quality ugly. Especially in fashion jewellery industry. Designs is much more important than quality. We are not saying quality is not important. It's just not as important as a cute design.

    Second, jewellry quality determins the life of your business

    A good jewellery design can sell itself, good quality jewellry can keep your business growth itself. If your jewellery is only chic but cheap in quality, all the sales will be one-time thing. Your business will not last long as customers won't want to come shop with you again. Therefore, the second progress is to place a sample order to check the quality of your supplier once you find a supplier with the jewellery design you like and want to try. Good quality, long-time supplier;Bad quality, byebye supplier. If a supplier only have good designs but poor quality. No matter how chic,how trendy their jewellery designs are, you should not take them as your supplier.

    Third, customer service.

    If the quality of jewellery is good, in most cases, you will not even need to talk to the customer service. However, things cannot go that smoothly. If you ever need to deal with after-sales stuff with your supplier, a good customer service is important here. Fast reply, easy to talk with will save time and energy for you.

    Finding a good fashion jewelry wholesale supplier is time-consuming. Once you found one, build a long-term relationship with them will be beneficial. Our customers knows that well.

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  • Wholesale Silver Stacking Rings

    Stacking rings is one of the fun way to wear rings. Different design, material,color of rings stacked together can create a unique chic look in an effortless way. With the publicity of minimalist idea in the past years, now girls are pursuing more quality jewelry. Therefore, 925 sterling silver jewelry are become much more popular under this circumstance. Compared to those gold,platinum,diamond, real gem jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry are more affordable while in good quality. Especially silver rings are always chic in style. If you are looking for wholesale silver rings, we have a wide range of designs to choose from.  Keep the stacking idea in mind while picking the potential hot designs for your jewelry shop. Stacking rings are all about mixing. But it's key to keep the whole look in a harmonious way. Following are the most popular silver rings to wholesale.

     Silver Band Rings

    One of the most popular design in 925 sterling silver rings is the most simple but classic band design. With no more extra pattern, decors, band rings are just as chic as any other minimalist styles.  Silver band rings can also goes well while stacking with other statement pieces.

    If plain band rings is too simple for you, a little heart,star,leaf,flower charm will make the ring more detailed yet chic.

    Silver Thumbs Rings

    Thumb rings are getting more and more popular in these years. Stacking a cute silver ring on thumb can upgrade the stacking look to a brand new level. You may find it hard to source a cute thumb rings while looking for wholesale silver rings, actually most silver rings are available in different size, a bigger size can wear as thumb rings. Just buy some cute plain band silver rings in big size like size 19,20.

    Unusual silver rings/Unique silver rings

    A lot of people are looking for unique sterling silver rings to buy. Normally these unique designs of sterling silver rings are statement pieces which will go well while stacking with plain band rings and silver thumb rings. Chunky size, unique animal design and so on. All these designs that are not easy to find on market count. However, keep in mind these designs are not as popular as silver bands so don't overdo your stock.

    We have over 500 designs of popular 925 sterling silver rings designs on Yiwuproducts.com now, More and more cute designs will pour in every week. Be sure to keep in tune. In fashion jewelry world, it's all about new designs. Refresh your jewelry store/shop with our latest new designs.

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