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Wholesale fashion jewelry

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  • Where to Buy Sterling Silver Rings for Women

    Among all sterling silver jewelry, silver rings are the most loved style by women. When you see your girl friends wear some cute sterling silver rings, you may wonder where to buy sterling silver rings as cute as theirs? Why not just ask them directly. Well, they will love to share with you where they got their silver rings. But you may not want to wear the same rings with them. It feels good to be the first one who wear something cute (and got a lot of comments) but not the second one who follows others style. So, you will be happy to find somewhere as your little secret place to get your cute sterling silver rings and more other cute jewelry. Here is your secret silver jewelry shop.

    Buy silver rings online is quite normal nowdays with the growth of online shopping. However, most of your friends are buying from domestic, from the popular stores in your country like forever21. If you want to buy something different, try stores from overseas. Like China, where 99% of jewelry are made. You can buy from original suppliers directly, with more designs to choose and less dollars to pay.

    Most popular silver rings styles

    Sterling Silver Band Rings

    The most popular sterling silver rings styles is silver bands which are easily to stack with other rings. You may see a lot of fashion bloggers post their hands full with rings in Instagram, these photos looks so cute. Don’t just be there to admire, you can have these cute look as well by just stacking some cute sterling silver rings.

    Sterling Silver Thumb Rings

    Thumb rings are getting more and more popular. We have to admit thumb rings are so cute. (why we didn’t notice this before for a long time, hmm.)  A lot of sterling silver rings can be wear as thumb rings. Silver rings are normally available in wide sizes, just choose a bigger size to fit your thumb.

    Silver bands, silver thumb rings and silver rings with stones, these rings works perfect with each other’s. They will just look super chic when stacked together. Give the same color, texture and a little difference in style. They are just brothers and sisters. Silver also works perfect with natural pearls. You can add a little natural pearl sterling rings into the stacking set. Your hand will look super cute and fancy with these cute silver rings.

    Other jewelry you may want to have

    Sterling Silver Earrings, Silver Bracelets & Silver Necklaces

    Trendy Fashion Jewelry

    Cute Button Pins for jackets,backpacks&purses

  • Wholesale Sterling Silver Earrings for Women from China

    Sterling silver earrings are these earrings made from sterling silver which are not only cute in designs but also not allergic. If you are looking for a wholesale jewelry distributor to buy silver earrings, we are your good choice. We carry over 3000 latest designs of silver earrings and more designs are coming every week. Unlike fashion jewelry earrings, sterling silver earrings are more wearable in daily life. Thus there are a big demand for sterling silver earrings. Following are the top three reasons why wholesale sterling silver earrings from China is your new business opportunity.

    *Minimalist style is right IN

    Minimalist style is getting more and more popular these years. The famous fashion code: Less is more explains quite clear what we should wear. Fashion should be simple. Wear something quality but simple& chic is a big trend. Sterling silver jewelry earrings are the right jewelry to meet this trend. Given the feature of sterling silver, most of silver earrings designs are simple but classic. From tiny small studs in variable shapes like heart,star,triangle,circle,etc to long bar circle drop earrings. All these basic styles are the most wearable small accessory in our daily life. Every woman should have at least one pair of these basic earrings.

    *More stable in quality

    Sterling silver normally are 925 sterling silver which means it made from metal contains 92.5 silver and 7.5% other metal. Unlike fashion jewelry which most are make from alloy that are easily fade in time. 925 Sterling Silver jewelry will not fade in any time.
    If it not touch chemical liqid,it will always stay glossy.If it's got oxidized, a simple silver polishing cloth will make it brand new again.


  • Cheap Wholesale Button Pins

    Wholesale button pins to enrich the jewelry collection of your boutique. You may think button pins are too small items to carry in one shop as it's normally so cheap, you cannot make much profit from it. Well, it's true. However you can still make money from small profits but quick turnover.Young girls like to spruce their outfits by adding a few cute button pins to their jackets,backpacks,purses or jeans. A cute buttons pins can make the look of an outfit completely different, it's just like a cute piece of statement jewelry. That's why girls love it. What's more, button pins are more and more popular in 2017.

    Buy some cute cheap button pins to put it in the cashier desk of your fashion boutique,jewelry shop, when people checking out, they will have a big chance to take a look at them and finding out how cute they are. Considering its cheap price, a big proportion of them will want to buy some to try. Just like the condom and gum supermarkets put at their cashier desk. It looks like a small movement, but I bet it will bring a lot more sell to your shop.

    The button pins in our Pins&Brooches collection  can also be used as a lapel pin. Pin it into the collar of a shirt will make a plain shirt much more cool. These cute little buttons are small jewelry with a big use. When thinking of buying some new wholesale fashion jewelry, why not give these cute little button/lapel pins a chance? After all, they are so instagram friendly. If your main target customers are young girls, then you can't miss them. Probably, they will become a black horse in your shop and make big money for you. We have serious picked our button pins, they are with cute designs while still in good quality and cheap wholesale price. Wholesale button pins by the dozen to try out its popularity. Maybe you will be surprised how popular these little things are.

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  • Wholesale Silver Jewelry from reliable jewelry wholesaler

    Silver jewelry is one of the jewelry that people has been in love for many years. Unlike the high price of real gold, platinum jewelry or natural gemstone jewelry, sterling silver jewelry are more affordable while still looks good. Wholesale silver jewelry for resell is a good choice to widen the selection of jewelry in your jewelry shop.

    What is 925 sterling silver jewelry?

    925 Sterling Silver jewelry is the jewelry made from sterling silver contains no less than 92.5% silver. You may wonder why 92.5%? Why it's not 100% silver? The reason is, if the content of silver is too high, it will be too soft and more easily to be oxidized. 925 Sterling silver normally contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal like copper, zinc alloy etc. This metal proportion ensures better hardness thus can be more easily to shape into different style. The better hardness also enables 925 sterling silver to be inlaid with different kind of gemstones.

    925 Sterling Silver jewelry or Plated with silver? 

    While wholesale sterling silver jewelry, you need to distinguish solid silver jewelry from these jewelry plated with silver. All the silver jewelry sold on our website are solid 925 sterling silver jewelry which means the wholesale ring, earrings, necklace or bracelet are made from sterling silver, not just plated with silver jewelry in its surface.

    Designs of silver jewelry

    The most popular sterling silver jewelry are rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Our company are planning to offer our customers a wide selection of sterling silver jewelry in 2017. You will find more and more cute styles of silver jewelry on our website. Keep in tune.

    Why wholesale silver jewelry from Yiwuproducts.com

    If you have wholesale fashion jewelry from us before, you know the quality of our jewelry. The goal of Yiwuproducts.com is to offer store/boutique owners quality jewelry at most competitive wholesale price. So does silver jewelry! We guarantee you, all the 925 sterling silver jewelry are solid silver. We guarantee you, our price may not the lowest, but at the same quality, we offer the lowest price. At the same price, we offer better quality; We guarantee you, new styles come every week or day. We all know, fashion changes fast, girls love new designs.

    Ready to check a bunch of cute 925 sterling silver jewelry? Click to go!



  • More available products for May 2017


    May 29th updated: 192 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0529/


    May 24th updated: 69 designs of neclaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0524/


    May 19th updated: 185 designs of brooches

    Link:  http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0519/


    May 13th updated: 180 designs of jewelry

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    May 11th updated: 126 designs of jewelry

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    May 10th updated: 86 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0510/


    May 9th updated: 101 designs of jewelry

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    May 8th updated: 85 designs of jewelry

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    May 5th updated: 110 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0505/


    May 4th updated: 192 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0504/


  • More available products for April 2017


    April 26th updated: 135 designs of rings

    Link:  http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0427/


    April 26th updated: 155 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0426/



    April 25th updated: 115 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0425/



    April 20th updated: 507 designs of pearl jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0420/



    April 19th updated: 260 designs of pearl jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0419/



    April 14th updated: 189 designs of rings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0414/



    April 13th updated: 113 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0413/



    April 12th updated: 68 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0412/



    April 11th updated: 106 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0411/



    April 6th updated: 101 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0408/



    April 6th updated: 59 designs of jewelry

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0406/


  • More available products for March 2017



    March 29th updated: 112 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0329



    March 28th updated: 100 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0328/



    March 24th updated: 351 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0324/



    March 23th updated: 109 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0323/



    March 5th updated: 80 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0305/



    March 4th updated: 116 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0304/


  • More available products for February 2017



    Feb 25th updated: 151 designs of earrings

    Link:  http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0226/



    Feb 25th updated: 151 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0225/



  • More Available products for January 2017



    Jan 14th updated: 119 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0114



    Jan 12th updated: 395 designs of floral jewelry

    Link:  http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0112



    Jan 9th updated: 42 designs of bracelets

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0109/



    Jan 8th updated: 122 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0108/



    Jan 3rd updated: 91 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0103/


  • Notice of 2017 Chinese New Year holiday


    Dear All Customers,

    As the Chinese new year holiday (Spring festival, January 28th, 2017) is coming. We are here to notice you the schedule of our holiday. Our holiday will start from January 16th, and lasts to February  5th.  We'll be back to work on February 6th.

    The orders placed after January 13th will be shipped after our holiday. This is because the manufacturers, shipping companies, and customs will be all on holiday during this time. We are unable to process your order without their assistance. The orders will be processed in chronological order after we back to work.

    All staff will be on holiday since January 16th,  2017. But a customer service specialist will be on duty to check emails from time to time during the holiday. If you have any questions, please contact us via service@yiwuproducts.com .

    At this time of every year, we are about to finish a year's work and go back to hometown to celebrate the festival with our family. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you. Thank you for your trust and support in the past year!!

    Happy new year!

    If you want to learn more about Chinese Spring Festival, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year


    Updated on December 30th, 2016

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