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  • More Available products for January 2017



    Jan 14th updated: 119 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0114



    Jan 12th updated: 395 designs of floral jewelry

    Link:  http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0112



    Jan 9th updated: 42 designs of bracelets

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0109/



    Jan 8th updated: 122 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0108/



    Jan 3rd updated: 91 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2017/0103/


  • Notice of 2017 Chinese New Year holiday


    Dear All Customers,

    As the Chinese new year holiday (Spring festival, January 28th, 2017) is coming. We are here to notice you the schedule of our holiday. Our holiday will start from January 16th, and lasts to February  5th.  We'll be back to work on February 6th.

    The orders placed after January 13th will be shipped after our holiday. This is because the manufacturers, shipping companies, and customs will be all on holiday during this time. We are unable to process your order without their assistance. The orders will be processed in chronological order after we back to work.

    All staff will be on holiday since January 16th,  2017. But a customer service specialist will be on duty to check emails from time to time during the holiday. If you have any questions, please contact us via service@yiwuproducts.com .

    At this time of every year, we are about to finish a year's work and go back to hometown to celebrate the festival with our family. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you. Thank you for your trust and support in the past year!!

    Happy new year!

    If you want to learn more about Chinese Spring Festival, please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year


    Updated on December 30th, 2016

  • More Available products for December 2016

    More Available products for December 2016



    Dec 28th updated: 82 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1228/



    Dec 27th updated: 80 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1227/



    Dec 21st updated: 54 designs of earrigs

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1221/




    Dec 20th updated: 76 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1220/


    Dec 13th updated: 85 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1213/



    Dec 12th updated: 90 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1212/


    Dec 10th updated: 74 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1210/



    Dec 9th updated: 100 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1209



    Dec 8th updated: 342 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1208/



    Dec 7th updated: 126 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1207



    Dec 6th updated: 83 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1206/




    Dec 5th updated: 104 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1205/



    Dec 1st updated: 75 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1201/



  • More Available products for November 2016

    More Available products for November 2016


    Nov 30th updated: 86 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1130/



    Nov 29th updated: 84 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1129/



    Nov 23rd updated: 116 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1123/



    Nov 16th updated: 89 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1116/



    Nov 15th updated: 79 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1115/



    Nov 14th updated: 77 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1114/


    MA products Nov 13th

    Nov 13th updated: 120 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1113/


    MA products Nov 12

    Nov 12th updated: 78 designs of necklaces



    MA products Nov 8

    Nov 8th updated: 98 designs of rings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1108/


    MA products Nov 5

    Nov 5th updated: 90 designs of neclaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1105/


    MA products Nov 4

    Nov 4th updated: 92 designs of neclaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1104/


    MA products Nov 3

    Nov 3rd updated: 96 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1103/


    MA procuts Nov 2

    Nov 2nd updated: 64 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1102/


    MA products Nov 1

    Nov 1st updated: 109 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1101/


  • More Available products for October 2016

    Following are the More Available products for Oct 2016


    MA products Oct 28

    Oct 28th updated:  87 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1028/


    MA products Oct 27

    Oct 27th updated:  88 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1027/



    MA products Oct 26

    Oct 26th updated: 55 designs of bracelets

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1026/


    MA products Oct 25

    Oct 25th updated: 59 designs of earrings

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1025/


    MA products Oct 24

    Oct 24th updated:  70 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1024/


    MA products Oct 23

    Oct 23rd updated:  50 designs of necklaces

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1023/


    MA products Oct 22nd

    Oct 22nd updated:  163 designs of brooches

    Link: http://www.yiwuproducts.com/ma/2016/1022/


  • Jewelry wholesale online

    jewelry wholesale online

    For those who are looking for fashion jewelry wholesale resources, jewelry wholesale online is a convenient and effective way. Jewelry wholesale online means you don't have to go to your local fashion jewelry wholesalers to find the products one by one. Wholesale fashion jewelry has became much easier when you go online. But still, some people may say that despite there is considerable price advantage, the quality is unable to confirm when wholesale fashion jewelry online. It's true, but in my experience, there are several ways to avoid this situation. Which will let you enjoy both good price and quality.

    You don't need to buy many products at the first order.  Many online fashion jewelry for wholesale don't meet the descriptions, they just say what you want to see. Actually there is only one way to know whether the quality meet you expectation, get them in you hands. So just buy small quantity in your first order. Which is called "sample order ". Then you'll get to know how the real quality is. This method is quite important especially when you do cheap wholesale jewelry deals.

    Wholesale fashion jewelry from origin, China. China is no doubt the biggest fashion jewelry manufacturing base. Many famous fashion jewelry brands' products actually are made in China. There is complete industry chain for fashion jewelry in China, and many companies doing business in Chinese wholesale jewelry industry. Whare is the best wholesale jewelry place? it's China definitely.

    You can also learn the strength of one jewelry wholesale supplier form communicating and watching.  When you find a costume jewelry wholesale supplier online, keep watch them for days. See if they do a good job on products description and update. And try to contact them before buy wholesale jewelry from them.  You will know if they are a reliable fashion jewelry wholesale supplier form these factors.

  • 2016 Chinese National Day holiday notice

    Dear customers,

    The 2016 Chinese national day holiday is coming. According to official holiday schedule, the holiday will start on Oct 1st, lasts to Oct 7th.  Seven days in total.  We'll be back to work on Oct 8th.

    Manufacturers, shipping companies and customs will be all on holiday during this time . So we can't process or ship your order during the holiday.  The orders which are placed after Sep 28th  will be shipped after we back to work.

    Any questions please contact us via email:  service@yiwuproducts.com

    FYI, Chinese national day is a official holiday, for more information please check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Day_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China



  • wholesale jewelry sale

    wholesale jewelry sale

    How to get cheap price during wholesale jewelry? The answer is the same as buying other products, buy them from promotions! That is wholesale jewelry sale. Different fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers can have different wholesale jewelry sales. The key here is how to identity wether the prices in these sales are good enough.  Then we have to start with your budget. What kind of fashion jewelry you want to wholesale and what is the quantity ? Most important of all, what is your expect wholesale jewelry price?

    As far as I know, many people who care about wholesale jewelry sale have their own jewelry business. They want to get very low price of wholesale jewelry resources. Indeed, wholesale jewelry to sell is a chance to make money. The question is you have to know well about what jewelry your customers are interested. This is very important, because the money you want to make are from your customers. Even you have very low wholesale jewelry price, you won't make any profit if they don't like you fashion jewelry products. So what I want to say is, cheap jewelry sale could be helpful, but you have to judge whether these jewelry are good to your fashion jewelry business.

    Another question is while you are focus on wholesale costume jewelry price, you should not ignore the quality.  Quality is the key to sell it to your customers, in nearly all the industries. I thinking  that you must have heard that there are  many people who wholesale cheap fashion jewelry but didn't get the quality as they expected. The lost be enlarge in wholesale jewelry gold and wholesale diamonds. So how to identity the quality before wholesale costume jewelry bulky? I have to say other buyers' feedback should be a important reference. Or you can check the detailed information of the jewelry products, see if the wholesalers are takeing serious attitude on their wholesale fashion jewelry business.

  • Buy Fashion Jewellery Online at Cheap Price

    1Buying fashion jewellery online now is very common to most of people. Online sales boost fast in the past years. However, there are still a lot of traps set for those who are not familiar with online sales. In this article, we are going to teach you how to buy fashion jewellery online at cheap price.

    There are quite a lot of online jewellery stores, these jewellery stores including wholesale jewellery stores and retail stores. If you are looking for wholesale jewellery stores, just go search "wholesale fashion jewellery" on google, you'll find a lot of wholesale stores pop out and choose the most suitable one for your business. If you are looking for cheap fashion jewellery for yourself or your family and friends, there are some tricks you can use.

    First, buy from a wholesale store or retail one. You may find a lot of jewelry stores on Ebay, Aliexpress or other sales market, these stores are mostly retail stores who get their jewelry from wholesale stores and add their own profit. Therefore, their jewelry can't be the cheaper one. Instead buying from a retail jewellery store, buying from a wholesale one will cost you much less.

    Second, buy fashion jewellery at discounted price. We all know that fashion jewellery designs changes fast and fashion jewellery normally can't last long time, their main purpose is to match your outfit and add extra touch to the look. So, sometimes the quality of fashion jewellery is not that important. You need to find the most suitable design to match a certain outfit. Once you find a suitable wholesale jewellery store you can buy jewellery from, check their sales part frequently to find great deals. These designs can be incredibly cheap.

    Third, find deals from different online jewellery stores. Most jewellery stores will offer a lot of different sales events to attract new customers or boost sales. Use that opportunity! Normally, the first time buying from a new jewellery store is the most cost-effective time. You may get great discount, free coupons or even free jewellery from a new store. You may ask, "Is that trure?” Is there are any hidden cost? Well, you may not able to tell if a seller is real or fraud. but I can assure you that most of these evens are real. The competition in business world is cruel, now business owners need to pay more to get new customers. You can enjoy the free candies as you want.

    If you are a jewellery store owner and need to wholesale fashion jewellery at a frequent bases, these tricks works for you,too. Especially if you sell in a real store, buying costume jewellery at cheap price online and sell at a normal price in your store will bring you good profit. Use your free time while waiting for customers to walk in your store, surf the internet, find a good opportunity, you'll dig a good gold mine one day.


  • Wholesale womens jewelry from China

    wholesale womens jewelry from China

    The biggest jewelry consumer group is women. No need to say that how important to find a reliable fashion jewelry resources to wholesale womens jewelry. You can always find several womens jewelry wholesalers in every city. But soon you will find that they maybe not fit your own business, as the prices are relative high and the designs are not as many as you expected. So where is the best place to wholesale fashion jewelry? As you may already know, China!

    China is the biggest manufacturing base of womens jewelry. Some of you may have been to China before. The designs in China jewelry wholesale markets are counted by tens of thousands! And the prices are much better than your local fashion jewelry wholesale suppliers. Because you don't have to pay the middle profits when you wholesale fashion jewelry from their origin. But not everyone have the time and money to go to China. Then how do we wholesale womens jewelry from China? That's OK, just wholesale fashion jewelry from online.

    Wholesale womens jewelry from China online now is much easier and safer then in the past. Of course thanks to the Internet. So how to find those costume jewelry wholesale suppliers on the Internet?  Many fashion jewelry suppliers are on B2B platforms, like Alibaba. Others have their own website, like Yiwuproducts. You just need to type the jewelry types keywords in B2B platforms or Google, you soon will find many suppliers. The next step is choosing suitable jewelry wholesale suppliers for your own business. Quality is always annoyed problem when wholesale jewelry from China. Especially wholesale sterling silver fashion jewelry. In many occasions the quality level goes down along with the price. If you focus on those too cheap jewelry, you may have every big chance to get poor quality jewelry. Just like the old saying " you get what you pay". My tip is keep watching the suppliers for several days, or contact them with some questions. See if they update their products frequently, if they take their business seriously.  Then place a small quantity order before bulk purchase. This will help you to avoid many problems when wholesale fashion jewelry from China.

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